November 13, 2018

Every November, property owners receive their tax statements from the Clackamas County Assessor. The City believes it’s important residents know where their dollars are distributed. For instance, did you know that $0.84 of every dollar does not go to the City? It goes to support schools, the county, fire district, etc. For the remainder, here is how the rest of your tax dollar is spent by the City:

  • $0.04 for general City services.
  • $0.08 for the public safety levy (approved by voters in 2015)
  • $0.04 for the parks levy (approved by voters in 2018)

Note: On tax statements, the two separate levies for public safety and parks are combined in the line “City Happy Valley LOC OPT.” However, the revenues will still be dedicated for their stated purpose.

For questions, please contact Ben Bryant, Assistant City Manager, or 503-783-3840.