December 16, 2022

Pictured left to Right: Councilor David Emami, Dee Bedsole, Chair Ray Fager, Janice Kiser, and Vice Chair Bill Taylor. Not pictured, but also recognized at the meeting was Daria Fine.

During Thursday’s Public Art Committee meeting, committee members were recognized for their service and contributions. In addition to attending regular art committee meetings, these volunteers also participate in a variety of other ways, such as serving on the Community Center Task Force, Veterans Memorial Task Force, a Clackamas County Arts Alliance advisory table, and (presumably) a forthcoming exercise with Parks Advisory to continue planning for more art in our parks. Members have also participated in public engagement (Oktoberfest children’s activities, City Council work sessions), and provided a letter of support for our recent grant proposal to the Metro Community Placemaking grant program (relating to equity and city events). We can’t thank this group enough for their hard work and passion for the arts.