Pavement Maintenance

Crack Seal & Slurry Seal


2020 Slurry Seal Map (Updated due to forecasted rain)

2020 Slurry Seal List

In preparation of the project affected residents were sent a Tree Trimming letter advising residents to trim their street trees. There are several reasons why we are asking residents to trim their trees including but not limited to:

  • Contractors equipment is not damaged by branches
  • Tree branches are not damaged by the equipment
  • Leaves and branches that may fall due to equipment will be mixed into the slurry and diminish the final product

Roadway Overlay & Reconstruction

2020 Project Map

Project Schedule (Tentative)

The following streets have been selected for roadway reconstruction:

  • 129th Ave (Callahan to end of roadway): Cement treated base (CTB) with 2” inlay
  • 155th & 156th Ave, Nyla & Vivian Way: 4” grind and inlay or 2” grind and inlay with fabric
  • Purple Finch Loop: 2” overlay with fabric
  • Solomon Court, Cresthill Road (portion of roadway not reconstruction Summer 2019): Cement treated base (CTB) with 4” inlay


Project Selection

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Pavement Design

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Road Maintenance Treatment Options

Maintenance/Rehabilitation Options

Patch/Base Repair

Base repair is a localized treatment method used to remove and replace both the base and the surface layers of a failed section of the road. Base repair is an isolated re-build that replaces only a particular area or bad section of the road that needs repair. A failed section of the roadway is cut out and then replaced with new base material and asphalt.

Crack Seal

Crack sealing is the injection of hot tar or asphalt into cracks and paving seams of the roadway. This prevents water from entering the roadway causing asphalt and base failures.

Slurry Seal

Slurry sealing is the application of liquid asphalt with fine aggregate to the road surface. This helps preserve and protect the pavement and provides a new driving surface.

Slurry Seal – Q & A

Thin Lift Over Lay

Thin lift overlays are 1” to 2” of asphalt placed on the existing roadway. They are not typically intended to strengthen the pavement, but instead to address functional problems as part of pavement maintenance.

Reconstruction Options

Grind & Inlay

The grind and inlay involves removing a layer of the asphalt and replacing the asphalt. The thickness of the layer removed varies from 1” to the entire asphalt depth.

Grind & Inlay with Fabric

This process is the same as grind and inlay except a layer of geotextile fabric is laid on the top of the existing asphalt before the street is repaved. This prevents reflective cracking from occurring.

Cement Treated Base (CTB)

During the cement treated base repair option, first the asphalt is removed from the roadway. Then cement is mixed in with the base material to provide solid base. Once the cement is added, the roadway can be repaved with asphalt

Guide to Cement-Treated Base published by Portland Cement Association

Street Tree Information

Please see the Street Tree page in Public Works.

Past Projects

Transportation Maintenance Fee FAQs

Please see the Transportation Maintenance Fee FAQs on the Public Works page.