June 30, 2020

What Are System Development Charges (SDCs)?

System development charges are fees paid by new development to recover a portion of the cost of existing infrastructure and to help fund the new infrastructure necessary to serve new development. Infrastructure includes streets, the water system, sanitary and storm sewers, and parks. There are two main parts to each SDC, a reimbursement fee, and an improvement fee.  The reimbursement fee is the cost to “buy into” existing capital investment in infrastructure.  The improvement fee is the cost to fund new infrastructure made necessary by new development. SDCs are collected at the time a building permit is issued for new construction.  Existing developed properties also pay SDCs when connecting to the sanitary or storm sewers.  An incremental SDC is collected when the use of a devel­oped property intensifies—for example, requiring a larger water meter or creating a more impervious surface area.

2020 Rates

Transportation SDC

  • Single Family Home $9,706
  • Condo/Townhome $5,047
  • Multi-Family $6,019


Parks and Recreation SDC

  • Single Family Home $7,958
  • Multi-Family $6,930


SDC Brochure 2020

Transportation and Parks SDC Rate Schedule




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