License Your Pet

Important Notice

We encourage you to renew on or before the expiration date listed above if your dog has received a current rabies vaccination.

If your dog is due for their rabies vaccination at time of renewal and has not yet received it, we recognize there may be barriers to completing this step as a result of impacts related to COVID-19. As a result, the City will provide a grace period for those who are unable to comply with this licensing requirement during this current state of emergency. *We do ask that you please complete this step once your veterinarian is offering the vaccination and it is safe for you to visit their clinic.

Why It’s Important to License Your Pet

  • A license says your pet is NOT a stray. People will be more likely to help and have a way to identify your dog.
  • Your pet will be quickly reunited with you. City staff will always attempt to return a loose dog by a home delivery.
  • Taking your pet to the county shelter is our only option if we cannot identify you as an owner. Shelter fees may be imposed.
  • Animal Control will call you or send a letter if no phone contact is available if it arrives at the shelter with a license I.D.
  • Your dog’s license is proof of rabies vaccination in the event it bites anyone.
  • A licensed dog will be cared for at the Animal Shelter for a longer period of time than an unidentified stray.
  • License fees support the expense of returning lost dogs, and fund adoptions for homeless dogs, investigations of animal cruelty and community education programs.
  • It’s the law! (Municipal Code 6.04.036)

Requirements & Fees

  1. A completed Dog License Application. Once the application is complete, you can fax the completed form to 503-658-5174 or email it to licenses@happyvalleyor.gov.  Once the application is received, a representative from the City will contact you to take payment over the phone.
  2. You must provide current proof of rabies (inoculation certificate or veterinarian documentation).
  3. You must provide proof of spaying or neutering, if applicable.
  4. A microchip ID number is encouraged for the safe return of lost or at-large dogs.
Fee TypeStandard FeeStandard FeeSenior Citizen Discount Fee If Age 62+Senior Citizen Discount Fee If Age 62+
Dog TypeAltered DogFertile DogAltered DogFertile Dog
1 Year$18.00$35.00$14.00$31.00
2 Years$34.00$67.00$26.00$59.00
3 Years$50.00$100.00$38.00$88.00

*Duplicate License Tag – $10.00


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