Neighborhood Block Party

Promote Community Togetherness

A neighborhood block party is a wonderful way to establish relationships with your neighbors and build community spirit and cohesiveness. The Public Safety Department is happy to assist you in this endeavor. To encourage neighborhood bonding, City Council has decided to waive all fees for block parties permits. The City will also provide street barricades and notifications when requested. Party organizers are encouraged to invite Happy Valley Police and Clackamas Fire to attend their parties. These groups look forward to meeting community members and providing demonstrations that are interesting to young and old alike.

For 4th of July block party requests, applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Please note, due to staffing constraints, a limited number of applications will be granted, so residents are encouraged to submit requests as soon as possible. Application deadline for the holiday is Tuesday, June 28.

To request a block party permit for any other date, please proceed with submitting the online form and applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Criteria For Approval
  • Applicant is responsible for the removal of all trash and debris, and restoring the right of way to its original state
  • If a public street will have access closed, barricade use is mandatory and must be arranged by the applicant
  • Barricade Restrictions: Residents must be allowed vehicle access to their homes and emergency access must be allowed on barricaded streets
  • As a coordinator of this event, you must agree to the following conditions:
    • Alcohol sale is not allowed and consumption is discouraged
    • Event Hours: Only during the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
    • Noise ordinance conformity / Noise variation available
    • No illegal fireworks allowed

*This program is not intended for private parties that would be exclusive of neighboring residents.

Block Party Permit Application

Need a few ideas to ensure a good turnout and make sure everyone has a good time? Check out our tips to make sure your neighborhood gets the most out of your event.