February 16, 2021


The recent snow and ice event has left quite the mess, to say the least. Many trees throughout the City have been affected, with some experiencing significant damage. It will certainly take time to clean up the mess created by Mother Nature and the impact may be significant. To assist residents during this clean-up process, the City is offering the following:

City to host storm debris drop off event

While debris on resident property is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to clear and dispose of, to help residents with clean-up efforts, Happy Valley’s Public Works Department is offering an opportunity for you to drop off those fallen tree branches and other storm related yard debris for FREE.

Storm debris (including tree limbs and other woody debris) can be discarded at Happy Valley Park for free recycling for the next four weekends between 9am-3pm.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday February 19, 20, & 21
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday February 26, 27, & 28
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday March 5,6, & 7
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday March 12, 13, & 14

Happy Valley Park is located at 13770 SE Ridgecrest Road. Residents are responsible for unloading and de-bagging their drop-off materials on-site.

This is a residential service only (items limited to private property and HOA common property) which means no commercial landscaping or contractor loads will be accepted.

*Remember to bring proof of residency with you to the event. City limits Map. Attendees are also asked to have a facial covering on hand and keep six-foot social distance.

Unable to move those heavy tree limbs or fallen trees?

Consider cutting fallen branches and other woody debris into smaller pieces for easier removal and transport to the drop off event. For smaller tree and branch debris, you can also utilize your yard debris bin and your hauler will pick it up weekly. While this may take a few weeks of filling the bin, it is certainly another option.

Ask for help! For those without the proper tools or ability to cut fallen debris, please consider reaching out to neighbors or friends for help. You’ll be surprised at how quickly neighbors are willing to assist! Neighbors may also opt to share the cost of a larger yard debris recycling bin. Contact your local hauler to set up the service and then split the cost with others on your street. For debris that is unable to be moved or cut, residents are encouraged to contact a professional hauler. Again, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up and dispose of debris. The City is unable to assist with cutting or removing debris items from your personal property.

Help! My tree is damaged!

All trees on private property, including street trees in planter strips, are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and care for. However, given the scale of this recent event, the City understands some trees were significantly affected by the snow and ice storm and may now pose a safety hazard. To assist residents with both clean-up efforts and long-term tree health, the City is temporarily waiving tree removal fees and permitting requirements for DANGEROUS/HAZARDOUS STANDING TREES.

Given this recent event, I’m now interested in removing other trees on my property as a preventative measure. What can I do?

For trees that were not significantly damaged or pose an imminent safety risk, property owners are still required to apply for a tree removal permit. More information is available at: Tree Cutting Ordinance | City of Happy Valley (happyvalleyor.gov)

Please keep in mind that tree removal is a significant activity that impacts the City’s general tree canopy and that removing a tree should not be taken lightly. Some street trees may have simply experienced some fallen branches but are still healthy and functional. To this end, the City recommends you contact the City Arborist with any questions you may have about the appropriateness of removing the tree before you proceed. The City Arborist can help assess your street tree and recommend a professional service to remove it, if needed.

Want to contact the City Arborist? Simply email Leslie at cityarborist@happyvalleyor.gov

Again, the permit process and associated fees are only being waived for trees that have been damaged or are hazardous. To replace or remove trees NOT dangerous or hazardous, residents will need to obtain a permit and go the process as usual. **Please note: non-dangerous and non-hazardous trees that have been removed without authorization from the City will have to be replaced at the owners expense.

Never miss your garbage and recycling day again!

Clackamas County residents can opt in to receive weekly reminders and service alerts about interruptions to their garbage and recycling service. Alerts may also include information about special City events such as Dumpster Day, Leaf Drops, and special storm debris clean up events.
For more details and to sign up, head to https://www.clackamas.us/recycling/garbage/company.html

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