September 25, 2023

The City Street Sweeper will be making additional rounds as we head into Fall and that means it will be extra important to ensure your street trees’ branches are trimmed and not at risk of getting in the way. Tree limbs over a residential street must be at least 11 feet above the surface to provide ample clearance for rigs like the street sweeper, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles.

Consider parking your cars in your garage or driveway during the day to help give the street sweeper more opportunity to catch debris closest to the curb. The City would also like to remind residents to refrain from blowing or raking leaves into the street. Not only does this create a significant road hazard and block storm drains when they pile up, but the street sweeper CANNOT effectively pick them up when they are gathered like that.

Thank you for your partnership in helping us keep Happy Valley tidy and ready for the season ahead.