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Letters & Mail

Sending and receiving mail is practically magical. When they write their own letters, kids have the power to communicate as they wish, whether it's a drawing, a story, or just them writing their name down. Learning how to address an envelope has it's own art as well, understanding the importance of place in the world. But how does it all work? Here's our guide to the true and, well, exaggerated magic of mail.

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Baking with Kids

Math, science, art...baking has it all! Whether you've got a toddler or tween, it's never too early to get in the kitchen and start baking together. Yes, there will be a mess, but it will be worth it! And there are some things you can do to minimize the potential wildness.

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Parenting Place

Growing Gratitude

In a culture where it is easy to consume, purchase, and receive, it can be a challenge to instill a sense of gratitude. Balance with that the want to provide joy, excitement, and enrichment for our kids. Here are some ideas of sharing thankfulness as a family.

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Books & Beyond

Start a Family Book Club

Kids are starting school, but it doesn’t look or feel the way it usually does.  The standard books about starting school just don’t apply this year.  We've gathered some books about doing something new.  We looked for titles that address the inner thoughts and emotions of children.  We hope that that sharing one or two of these books with your child helps them to acknowledge and talk about feelings of excitement, fear, or worry accompanying the start of this school year.  Searching for ways to make this time feel special?  We’ve included books that celebrate growing up and being you!

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