On Aug. 17, the City dedicated the evening’s Concert in the Valley performance to the volunteers who serve on City boards, commissions and donate their time to the community. Some volunteers have served on a board so long, they officially “termed out” this year, a special accomplishment. We cannot express how much these volunteers and their dedication mean to the City. The impact of their commitment and enthusiasm will be evident for years to come.

2017 Volunteer of the Year – Michael Morrow

Termed out Volunteers
Kenneth Koblitz (Planning Commission)
Dennis Hemmer (Traffic and Public Safety)
Butch Pollard (Parks Advisory)
Suzanne Montalbano (Parks Advisory)
Graeme Newhouse (Parks Advisory)
Richard Higgins (Design Review Board)
Donata Tiley (Design Review Board)
Eric Hern (Budget Committee)

Planning Commission
Brian Hungerford
Eric Burmester
Frank King
Joshua Callahan
Jodi Bailey
Steve Smelser
Ted Hartzell

Traffic & Public Safety
Debbie Shepherd
Dimeji Onafuwa
Bryan Brock
Dave Tash
Ron Wackford
Kevin Bailey
T J Milashouskas

Parks Advisory Committee
Bill Bersie
Paul Muller
Emily Roselle
Mark Aasland
David Emami
Erin Bell
Lois Weiss

Design Review Board
Bjorn Clouten
Travis Olson
Kasey DeLucia
Erik Nelson
Tim Oliver
Andrew Watkins
Sheila Ritz

Budget Committee
John Shepherd
Avi Patel
Bill Bersie
Diane Morrow
Heidi Steen

Library Board
Diane Morrow
Ray Kato
Keith Milsark
Al Matecko
Rosemary Tanzer
Gary Schmidt
Alan King

Public Art Committee
Nina Stolyar
Jim Grady
Lynette Heath
Connie Emmons
Doris Bedsole

Youth Council
Nicole Zhen
Anna Terveen
Leland Wong
Rylee Kwiecinski
Hermya Brock
Daniel Mahler
Mitchell Dorn
Trevor Nielsen
Derek DiGregorio
Maddy Jones
Paige Martin

Community Volunteers
Minh Matthews
Joyce McKean
Carrie McCutchen
Paul Grad

Library Volunteers
Thank you to the 47 adult volunteers and 59 teen volunteers who donate their time library services, programs, book sales and more.