November 27, 2017

On Nov. 16, first responders and local Happy Valley principals took to the grocery store aisles to put together the best Thanksgiving meals while benefiting two north Clackamas programs. During a five-minute shopping spree hosted by the City of Happy Valley and sponsored by the Happy Valley Fred Meyer, participants from North Clackamas School District, Happy Valley Police and Clackamas Fire had the opportunity to raise money for two organizations dedicated to serving those in need, Operation Santa and the Wichita Center.

It was a fast and wild race, with screeching shopping cart wheels and a couple glass-jar casualties, during the quick sprint. In the end, both groups showed impressive shopping skills, accumulating nearly $2,000 of groceries. The contents of the carts were later auctioned off through a 24-hour Facebook campaign, and after a last-minute bidding war, the contents of both carts were sold for a total of $3,000.

City Councilor David Golobay and his family provided the winning bid of $1,000 for the Happy Valley Principals’ cart. Their donation went to the Wichita Center, which supports children in need throughout the North Clackamas School District. In addition to the bid amount, the Golobay family also chose to donate their food to the Wichita Center to make special holiday baskets.

New resident Diana Helm offered the winning bid for the cart put together by the first responders. Her donation of $3,000 went directly to Operation Santa, Clackamas Fire’s holiday food and toy drive which supports families in need in Clackamas County. During an event at Station 7 on Nov. 22, Diana gave her charitable contribution to Chief Charlton and the first responder team. She also had a surprise for the Principals – a donation for Wichita Center as well.

This event was made possible through the partnership with Fred Meyer, who not only opened early for the race but donated all of the collected items, ensuring that every dollar brought in through the auction went directly to the Wichita Center and Operation Santa.

Between the auction and donated food, the two charitable programs received a total of $6,000 in cash and goods.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our community members, both in this event and in all the other ways people choose to support these teams and organizations.