October 27, 2023

Beginning Monday, Oct. 30, crews are scheduled to commence some preparatory work that will serve to facilitate utility undergrounding. Initial work will take place at the intersection of SE 129th and King Rd. Traffic control will be in place, but road closure is not anticipated. This initial phase of work is expected to conclude by Nov. 10. Once this preliminary work is completed, crews will then begin formally trenching the utilities. This work is anticipated to begin mid-November and will require traffic control as well as temporary road closure at SE 129th and William Otty Rd. until completed.

These efforts are necessary as part of the City’s plans to create a future roundabout at SE 129th and King Rd. This major intersection is a significant thoroughfare that supports vehicles traveling within the City. Once completed, the project will offer more efficiency for those who travel this traffic hub. See more information about project.