May 15, 2020

You may see some additional Happy Valley shops begin opening as May 15 marked the day when retail stores in Oregon, with exception of indoor shopping malls, have been given the green light by the Governor to reopen. This is provided they can comply with the updated requirements from the Oregon Health Authority.

The return of retail stores is not to be confused with the Governor’s separate application process that counties must complete before additional services can reopen. This process outlines gradual phases to reopening and requires each county to demonstrate its ability to comply with a list of mandates. For counties that have been approved for Phase I, which is also set to commence today, this means some additional restrictions will be lifted. These counties may see the reopening of personal services, like salonsgyms, and sit-down service for restaurants and bars, however there will be very stringent rules and restrictions associated.

Clackamas County, however, is NOT one of the counties reopening today under the Phase I guidelines. This is because Clackamas County is still working on developing a plan to meet the Governor’s criteria, which MUST be met before cities like Happy Valley, can enter Phase I. For now, residents can check on the status of Clackamas County’s application plan, by visiting the Clackamas County website.

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