Wild Goose Chase 2022

Where was Gladys?

Each week from July 11-August 14, 2022, Gladys traveled to a different public space in our area. Thank you to all of the people who went out looking for our beloved library goose! We hope you had fun, and maybe even discovered a new park to explore.

August 15: Welcome home, Gladys.

Gladys is back from her adventures around the valley. Come say hi to her next time you’re in the library!

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Goose Chase Itinerary

Week of July 11th: Rose Creek Trail at Oregon Trail Elementary

Week of July 18th: Damascus Centennial Park

Week of July 25th: Southern Lites Park

Week of August 1st: Mt. Scott Elementary

Week of August 8th: Happy Valley Park, at the dog park

Week of August 15th: Back home at the library.