Wild Goose Chase 2022

Where is Gladys?

Where has Gladys been? Where will she wind up next? Each week from July 11-August 14, 2022, Gladys will be in a different easily visible public space in our area. Spot her, scan her tag, and enter for a chance to win! Gladys will find a new place to hide on Monday mornings. Drawings for the previous week are done Mondays at 1 pm. We’ll reveal her previous hiding place Tuesday mornings.


Weekly Clue: July 11th

At the crossroads make a turn.
But which way?!
Across the bridge? 
Towards the gardens?
Walk the track?
Or head back home?
Where oh where has Gladys gone?!

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Goose Chase Itinerary

Week of July 11th: ???

Week of July 18th: ???

Week of July 25th: ???

Week of August 1st: ???

Week of August 8th: ???

Week of August 15th: Back home at the library.