September 7, 2021

With school back in session, it is important to be extra careful as you maneuver the roads. Here are some quick reminders to help keep everyone safe as students head back to the classroom.

Watch for school zones: It is easy to forget about the school zones after such a long break of not having to pay attention. Watch for school zones, children, and parents who may be walking to school.

Put your phone away: While driving, avoid answering texts or calls, or speeding through a school zone. Don’t be distracted by messages and calls.

Drop off and pick up: Use the designated areas communicated by the respective school for drop off and pick up. Don’t just drop off and pick up across the street from the school.

Carpool: It might be helpful to organize or find a carpool to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Look out: Children can be unpredictable, slow down and look between parked cars.

School busses: Stop your vehicle when approaching at stopped school busses that are either loading or unloading students. Do not proceed until the school bus resumes motion, the driver signals you to proceed, or the visual signal is no longer activated.

Clackamas County Covid-19/Omicron Information