Parenting Place

Local Parent Support

Parenting can be really hard. And with so much uncertainty and isolation, finding support can really make a difference. Fortunately, there are several local groups offering parenting classes, support groups, and other services for Clackamas County families.

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Explore Your World

Homemade Science Lab

Kids are natural scientists. As a grownup without much of a science background, it can be daunting to try an experiment at home, because I feel like I don't have the vocabulary or knowledge to answer my kids' questions. But, it really doesn't matter! Science is about discovery, questioning and exploring. Look for the answers together! And just enjoy the process. 

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Books & Beyond

Social Justice for Kids

Parenting is hard. Having big discussions, even with other grownups much less kids, can feel daunting. Navigating what to share, how much detail and all of the other decisions can make you feel like it’s easier just not to talk about it. But kids know stuff happens. They hear it from friends, hear their grownups ...  

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