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New Baby – A Guide for New Parents

By Anna B.
December 10, 2020

Welcoming a new baby into your home is an amazing experience. And incredibly overwhelming! Those of us who have been there have appreciated some help along the way. Yes, you can definitely read books, but let’s be honest, while a newborn sleeps a lot, you’ll need rest too! Here are suggestions for support, including some local agencies.

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Healthy Families

Sometimes we need more support. Healthy Families can provide a home visitor to help you develop your relationship with your baby. This one-on-one coaching is like having your own new parent cheerleader.

PDX Baby from PDX Parent 

This local free online and print magazine offers community resources, a calendar of local events, and other guides for parents.


Need help? Healthy Families offers real time help through their BabyLink program. Just call or text 971-400-7832 and their staff will connect you with the support you need.



With an app that will provide suggestions and badges (yes, you can earn badges!) of simple activities you can do to connect, play, and engage with your baby. Even better, it grows with them, offering new activities for different ages and stages.


Search for baby or parenting podcasts and you’ll find that this podcast makes list after list, focusing on “respectful parenting” and covering topics from meltdowns to sibling strife.

The Longest Shortest Time

While this podcast is no longer active, it has a treasure trove of resources. Don’t miss the Starter Kit to get you up to speed. We really love the suggestions at the bottom for you listening mood (Laugh, Cry, or Surprise).

Zero to Three 

This organization believes that parents are their child’s best teachers and strives to promote policies and practices that support this. They cover so many great topics in their quest to help parents.