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Book Lists and More

Isaac’s Picks – Featured New Books

Isaac R., one of our Adult Services Librarians, highlights three new books that look interesting to him every week. Click here to see four weeks worth of books that caught his eye.

Reading Lists

Needing some inspiration for your next read? Try browsing through these lists of recommended books.

Happy Valley Library Book Group Reading List

Our Favorite Reads of the Year:

Summer Reads Lists:

Book Bundle

Looking for something to read? Tell us what you like, and we’ll choose a stack of books for you, like a book sommelier! You can call us at 503-783-3455, or just use this form.

New Movies

In the mood for a movie? Check out this list of new DVDs that have recently been added to the library catalog. These are also featured in our weekly email newsletter.


Need some reading inspiration? You’re in the right place – here are some lists of books hand-picked by your librarians. Check back often, as we’ll be adding to them regularly. Have a subject you think we should explore with a new booklist? Let us know!