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Big Kid Stuff: Bottles, Binkies, and Beds

By Anna B.
November 27, 2021

Babies get bigger, it’s just what they do! Navigating the changes of toddler life can be quite the task. With a little encouragement (and maybe reading about it), your little might be ready to try out some big kid stuff and say goodbye others.

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General Big Kid Advice

How To Be a Big Kid / editor Hélène Hilton.

A guide to becoming a big kid includes tips on getting dressed, going to school, being polite to grown-ups, and staying safe.

Watch Me Grow!

Each day baby is learning something new! Teach little ones about their incredible milestones with this colorful title featuring growing babies from 1 to 24 months!

You are one / Sara O’Leary ; artwork by Karen Klassen

From a tiny babe to the first steps toward toddlerhood, a baby grows and changes in leaps and bounds.

You are two / Sara O’Leary ; artwork by Karen Klassen

Walking, running, understanding more words, speaking their names, and forming first memories are all exciting achievements.


No more bottles for Bunny! / Bernette Ford and [illustrations by] Sam Williams.

When Bunny wants to have some “tea” and cookies at Ducky’s tea party, he gladly throws his bottle away so he can enjoy the benefits of being a big boy.

Bye-bye bottles, Zebra / written by Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Oriol Vidal.

Little Zebra is growing up, and from now on he wants to use a drinking cup, not a baby bottle.


No more pacifier, Duck / written by Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Oriol Vidal.

Little Duck is growing up, and it is time to make the decision to give up his pacifier for good–even at bedtime.

Bye-bye binky / Maria van Lieshout.

A little girl explains that she does not need a pacifier anymore, because she is a big kid now.

Big Beds

The big bed / Bunmi Laditan ; pictures by Tom Knight

A young girl tries to persuade her father that he is the one who should sleep in a special, little bed while she shares the big bed with Mommy.

I sleep in a big bed / Maria van Lieshout

A child who used to sleep in a crib celebrates graduating to sleep in a big kids’ bed–even though waking up there in the middle of the night can be a little scary.

Big bed for Giraffe / written by Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Giraffe has outgrown his crib, and needs to graduate to a big boy bed.

Bye-bye, crib / by Alison McGhee ; illustrated by Ross MacDonald

A big boy and his best stuffed friend seek the courage to move to a gigantic new bed.