Happy Valley Park

How to make a park reservation

  • Review the Park Reservation Application for fees and information needed.
  • Check the Park Reservation Calendar to see if your date, time, and desired area is available.
  • Not sure what each picnic shelter looks like? View the Park Map for reference.
  • Am I in City? Visit City Boundary Map to verify.
  • Fill out, and submit your application and fees by:
    • Fax – (503) 658-5174
    • Email – caitlyna@happyvalleyor.gov
    • In person at City Hall
    • Call to make fee payment over the phone – (503) 783-3792
  • Review the Happy Valley Park Rules.
  • If required, please include the special event application with your reservation.

Park Reservation Information

The City of Happy Valley has made the following changes relating to park reservations at the Happy Valley Park.

  • “In-city” residents reside within the City limits, “out-of-city” residents reside outside of the City limits of Happy Valley.

To make sure you are paying the correct fees, find out if you are considered “in” or “out” of the city by checking your address on the City Boundary Map.

Happy Valley Park is open for reservations beginning on February 15th each year. Reservations shall be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be confirmed by phone. A park reservation application and/or special park event application must be completed, the available date must be confirmed by the city, and the reservation fee must be paid before the reservation can be approved. Certain activities, events, or additional equipment may require a special park event permit and may require liability insurance and additional fees may apply.

There are four covered areas available for reservations: Area A  (maximum occupancy of 50),  Area B  (maximum occupancy of 50)Area C  (maximum occupancy of 20),  and D the Gazebo  (maximum occupancy of 100). Covered areas are available to rent in 4hr time-blocks: 10am – 2pm | 11am – 3pm | 12pm – 4pm | 1pm – 5pm | 2pm – 6pm | 3pm – 7pm | 4pm – 8pm | 5pm – 9pm.

Please contact Caitlyn Aguon at (503) 783-3792 or caitlyna@happyvalleyor.gov with park reservation questions.

Map of Happy Valley Park and picnic areas

Park Reservation Calendar

City Ordinance 222 - Parks

City Ordinance 222

  1. PARK CLOSED: Dusk until Dawn.
  2. All Garbage/Rubbish is to be deposited in cans provided and lids securely replaced or placed in trash bags, securely tied, or to be removed from the park by the user.
  4. Effective 3/17/09 by City Ordinance 386, all city-owned buildings, parks, trails & parking lots are tobacco-free. SMOKING AND USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS PROHIBITED.
  5. Gambling, betting or games of chance are prohibited.
  6. Destruction of any park equipment or property is prohibited.
  7. Mutilation or destruction of any vegetation is not allowed.
  8. Injury or molestation of any animal (wild or domestic) or fish is prohibited.
  9. Fishing, bathing, swimming or building of any dam is not allowed in any stream or fountain.
  10. Destruction or defacing of any park signs, equipment, building or City property is prohibited.
  11. All animals are to be kept on a leash. No livestock is allowed in the park.
  12. Advertising or sale of any item(s) in the park shall be by permit only.
  13. Vehicle parking is permitted in marked parking areas only. Parking in unmarked areas is permitted for loading and unloading only. PARKING ON GRASS IS PROHIBITED.
  14. The sound level of radios, tape/CD players and amplification systems shall be kept at a level that will not offend other park users or park neighbors.
  15. Building of fires/campfires is prohibited.
  16. Overnight camping is prohibited.
  17. No personal fireworks are allowed in the park.
  18. No weapons or explosive devices of any kind are allowed in the park.
  19. No use of any javelin, shot put, discus or golf equipment is allowed in the park.
  20. Barbeques are provided, but you may bring your own. HOWEVER: You are responsible for the SAFE DISPOSAL of coals and grease. DO NOT DEPOSIT COALS AND/OR GREASE ON PARK GROUNDS OR IN PARK GARBAGE CANS.
  21. CAUTION: The driving of stakes into the ground is prohibited. Underground utilities may be encountered.

If you have any questions regarding the park or the City’s reservation process, please contact
Community Services at City Hall (503) 783-3800. In case of emergency, please dial 911.

Thank you for your cooperation.

City’s Most Popular Park

Happy Valley Park features (24) acres of wetlands. A boardwalk wanders through the wetlands allowing access to natures wonders. A paved pathway around the park offers a three-quarter of a mile jog or walk to enjoy the surrounding sites.

A very popular feature to the City’s park is the Splash Pad. This spectacular facility boasts sixteen (16) water sprays in a variety of spray sequences. Parents can sit and watch their children play while enjoying the relaxing sound of the water. The Splash Pad, which has no standing water, is equipped with showers, streams and water sprays. Included with the Splash Pad is a restroom facility with eight (8) individual bathrooms and drinking fountains. Each year, the Splash Pad opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and stays on through Labor Day weekend.

Happy Valley Park offers an abundance of activities for children such as a tot park, toddler park, jungle gym, swings, teeter-totters, mini whirl, and a modular play system. Volleyball, tennis and basketball courts are also available. All coupled with the picnic areas and horseshoe pits, this makes an excellent combination for a family outing.

Three off-leash dog areas are located in the back southerly end of the park. All are fully fenced area has been set up to allow your dog to run free. Two pet and people-friendly water fountains in the off-leash dog run areas have been added. Dog bags and pick up stations are provided throughout the park, which has been donated by neighborhood businesses.

Happy Valley Park is located at 13770 SE Ridgecrest Road, Happy Valley, OR.

New Addition - All Abilities Park!

The City of Happy Valley recently partnered with Rotary of Clackamas to bring a major playground project to life. The goal was to create an inclusive play area that promotes the healthy development of all children’s physical, cognitive and sensory abilities and serves as a space that will give everyone the chance to play, grow and learn together. Barrier-free access to play can be hard to find for many children and their families. Most play structures are geared toward very specific physical skill sets and can be quite difficult for those who struggle with range of motion or need supportive devices to aid in their movement. Having an all abilities play structure means anyone can participate in play regardless of ability, age, or social status. Thanks to the support of GameTime, local individuals and businesses, and very generous donations from the Fuller Family, Lyla J. Husband, Bill McCracken and Pam Husband, Happy Valley’s All Abilities Park is now open!

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