Neighborhood Parks

Ashley Meadows Park

Address: 15410 SE Oregon Trail Dr.,
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 1.7

Amenities: Basketball, Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter

Ella V. Osterman Park

Address: 10501 SE William Otty Road,
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 31

Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter

Address: 13770 SE Ridgecrest Rd.,
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 32

Amenities: Baseball/Softball, Shelter, Playground, Picnic Facilities, Parking, Restrooms, All Abilities Play Area, Basketball, Soccer, Skateboard, Splash Pad, Tennis, Events, Dog Park, Walking Trails

Hidden Falls Nature Park

Address: 14488 SE 152nd Ave.
Happy Valley, OR 97015

View Map for entrance points

Acres: 21.3

Amenities: 0.84-mile multi-use paved trail, viewing areas of the falls



Located in Happy Valley, there are two main access points to Hidden Falls Nature Park. To the north of Rock Creek, there is an entrance at Pioneer Dr. and 156th Ave. To the south of Rock Creek, there is an entrance point on 162nd Ave., just past the dead end and alongside Hood View Park.

Address: 16223 SE Stadium Way,
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 35

Amenities: Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Walking Trail, Picnic Facilities, Restrooms, Parking

Address: 10945 SE Mather Rd.,
Clackamas, OR

Acres: 224

Amenities: Walking Trail, Picnic Facilities, Shelter, Restrooms, Parking
Note: Dogs are NOT allowed

Rebstock Park

Address: 12915 SE King Rd.
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 2.2

Amenities: Shelter, Parking

Address: S.E. Boy Scout Lodge Road and Southeast 147th Ave.,
Happy Valley, OR

Amenities: Parking, Restrooms, Shelter, Picnic Facilities, Walking Trails
Note: Dogs are NOT allowed

Southern Lites Neighborhood Park

Address: 12088 SE 117th Ave.,
Happy Valley, OR

Acres: 3

Amenities: Basketball, Picnic Facilities, Playground, Parking

Village Green Park

Address: 13786 SE Sieben Parkway,
Clackamas, OR

Acres: 2.7

Amenities: Basketball, Walking Trail, Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter, Parking, Events

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