May 25, 2021

A kind reminder about Park safety

As warmer weather begins to take hold, City parks and trails will be bustling with activity. We know spending time outdoors is great for mental and physical health, and our City parks offer the perfect outlet for exercise and some much needed fun in the sun. Here are some great tips to keep in mind to help ensure everyone’s safety.

1. Be nice to the neighbors. It is important to remember that most parks are surrounded by neighborhoods. This is not by accident; we want our parks to be convenient for residents to use. We ask all visitors to conduct themselves as they would if they were in their own neighborhood. Please be respectful when parking, playing music, disposing of trash, etc.

2. Happy Valley Park is closed from dusk to dawn. If it is dark out, and the park is not open as part of a permitted event, the park is considered closed and trespassers can be ticketed.

3. Keep it clean. During the summer there are park employees on duty seven days a week, emptying garbage cans and restocking restrooms. Visitors are expected to properly dispose of their personal garbage or take it with them when they leave. If the restrooms or another facility in the park need attention, please call 503-783-3800.

4. Mind your animals. All animal waste must be placed in a bag or container and disposed of. There are bag dispensers for animal waste at most parks. Pets cannot be left unattended for any time. People with animals that act aggressively, or bark continuously will be required to leave. All animals in the park must be on a leash except if they are in one of the designated dog park enclosures.

5. No tobacco use or smoking of any kind is allowed on park property. This includes cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any inhalant delivery system such as e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

6. Leave the adult beverages at home. Alcohol possession and consumption is prohibited at the park, unless permitted at a City sponsored event, and distributed by an OLCC approved vendor.

7. Rules of the road apply. The speed limit through the park is 10 mph. It is unsafe to go any faster than this speed. Motor vehicles must be operated in accordance of the law. Keep them off paths, grass, and trails unless you have express permission from the City. This includes ATVs, motor bikes, other recreational vehicles.

8. Stay above ground. To protect the park’s irrigation system, prevent uneven ground, avoid equipment being left behind, stakes and posts may not be pounded into the ground.

9. Helmets are required at the skate park. In the interest of safety, City law requires anyone using the skate park to use a helmet. Helmets must be properly worn on your head at all times, regardless of age.

10. Remind youth of risks. Have conversations with your kids BEFORE they set foot in the park about how to assess their surroundings and make safe choices when it comes to the activities they partake in and the company they keep. Being clear about your child’s behavior expectations when at the park and what to do in case of emergency is always a good idea. To further ensure safety, parents are encouraged to accompany their children during visits to the park. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as your child’s guardian to know where your child is and what they are engaged in.

In Happy Valley, we take great pride in our park areas being places where people can come together, make memories, spend quality time with friends. We will do our best to ensure the park rules are followed for everyone’s safety and enjoyment and look forward to partnering with our community in this effort.

The full list of park regulations can be found at here.
Rules for using the off-leash area, splash pad and skate park are posted at each site.