Public Works

The Public Works Department is the operations side of the City. Our role is to provide, operate, and maintain the City’s Transportation Infrastructure System and facilities to support a growing community.

Along with other City departments, community volunteers, and committee members, we take part in how that infrastructure is planned for, used, and maintained.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of approximately 58 lane miles of City streets and parking lots
  • Removal of debris and snow, roadway sanding and sweeping, striping, pothole repair, crack-sealing, and signage
  • Fulfillment of local, State, and federal mandates for streets and right of ways
  • Maintenance of the City parks and the Citywide trail system and public open spaces including all mowing, planting, blackberry removal, and tree trimming
  • Maintenance of all park buildings and athletic fields
  • Maintenance of playground equipment, picnic facilities, and sport courts
  • Maintenance of the City’s park equipment

We keep Happy Valley connected through our preservation of roads, parks, trails, and public buildings.


Chris Randall

Public Works Director

(503) 783-3842

Chris Sliwka

Park Supervisor

(503) 783-3844

Sheri Bartholomew

Administrative Assistant

(503) 783-3844

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