Public Works

The Public Works Department is the operations side of the City. Our role is to provide, operate, and maintain the City’s Transportation Infrastructure System and facilities to support a growing community.

Along with other City departments, community volunteers, and committee members, we take part in how that infrastructure is planned for, used, and maintained.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of approximately 58 lane miles of City streets and parking lots
  • Removal of debris and snow, roadway sanding and sweeping, striping, pothole repair, crack-sealing, and signage
  • Fulfillment of local, State, and federal mandates for streets and right of ways
  • Maintenance of the City parks and the Citywide trail system and public open spaces including all mowing, planting, blackberry removal, and tree trimming
  • Maintenance of all park buildings and athletic fields
  • Maintenance of playground equipment, picnic facilities, and sport courts
  • Maintenance of the City’s park equipment

We keep Happy Valley connected through our preservation of roads, parks, trails, and public buildings.


Chris Randall

Public Works Director

Chris Sliwka

Park Supervisor

Sheri Bartholomew

Administrative Assistant

Public Works Department

PW [email protected]