Support for Businesses

Providing a Vibrant Business Climate

In Happy Valley, we see our local businesses as partners. We make business needs a priority to assure the success of our community partners, who in turn provide needed goods, services and jobs to our community.

Happy Valley offers a vibrant business climate, educated workforce, and a wonderful quality of life, all while in close proximity to major highways, an international airport, and transit services.

There are several advantages for businesses to locate in Happy Valley. They include lower property taxes, streamlined and business-friendly permitting, desirable demographics, and a connected business community.

Lower Property Taxes

The taxes you’ll pay in Happy Valley are lower than any other nearby city. Happy Valley’s city tax rate is by far the lowest in the area, and the City’s total tax rate is significantly less than surrounding cities. For example, an owner of a commercial office property valued at $5 million would save more than $10,000 a year in Happy Valley compared to Milwaukie.

Streamlined, Business-Friendly Permitting

We pride ourselves on being business-friendly and offering fast and simplified procedures for licensing, building permitting and land-use transactions.

Desirable Demographics

The City enjoys one of Oregon’s highest household income levels, where roughly two-thirds of the population are adults age 25 to 44 – prime customers for local businesses. Happy Valley is a tight-knit community with most businesses located within a centralized area of the city. When businesses open in Happy Valley, they quickly become a part of our community.

Connected Business Community

Businesses in Happy Valley have built a strong community over the years and an unrivaled support system. New businesses that open in the area are welcomed with open arms and invited to join our business community. The Happy Valley Business Alliance and the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce provide businesses with support, knowledge, networking opportunities, and opportunities to be involved in community events.

Contact our Economic and Community Development Department to learn more about opportunities for businesses in Happy Valley.