Special Event Application

To ensure safety and promote success of local events, the City of Happy Valley may require event organizers to complete a Special Event Application and obtain a Special Event Permit. A Special Event Permit must be obtained if the event:

  • Involves a large group of people (compared to the usual occupancy of the site), and:
  • Is advertised to the public and does not occur regularly on the site; or
  • Impacts the use of public right of way, including curb, parking lane, sidewalks; or
  • Uses a city owned facility or property, such as, buildings, parks, or parking lots.

Examples include bicycle races, carnivals, commercial filming, concerts, festivals, markets, parades, road races, or organized walks.

An application must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event. The application must be approved before becoming an official event. Submission of this form does not imply approval of the event. The fee for a Special Event Permit is $150.00 but is subject to change.