The Happy Valley Youth Council is an advisory board serving as teen advocates in their community.

Youth Councilors collaborate on ideas and information and look to the City Council for mentorship and assistance. The Youth Council encourages community members to join their events and attend their monthly council meetings.

5th Annual Oregon Youth Summit

The Oregon Youth Summit has been a platform for guided discussions as Youth Councils/Advisory Boards are encouraged to voice their ideas and share ways by which their members are making an impact in their local community. After two years off we are back in person! This year’s event is co-hosted by Happy Valley and Hillsboro’s Youth Council Advisory Boards.   We will offer a forum where youth can exchange diverse opinions on matters of importance to their peer group in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, focusing on two topics – School Safety and Youth Houselessness.

This year, we have an opportunity to join in Hillsboro, Oregon for a full day of activities and topics that are relevant to current events. The first half of the morning we start off with a topic that’s hitting way too close to home, school safety.  Kids should feel safe at school and in their communities. That’s why we are teaming up with State and local first responders to hear how they conduct threat assessments, respond to threats of harm, respond to major school incidents and what you can do as a student leader to help. The second half of the morning is all about situational awareness, learn best practices from the world’s leading expert in the field of personal safety. Let’s face it, shootings no longer happen just in schools, they can happen anywhere, even at a grocery store.

Then in the afternoon we will Hear from HomePlate Youth Services.  This organization is a non-profit provider of drop-in centers and street outreach for young people experiencing houselessness. HomePlate uplifts and empowers young people experiencing housing instability through community building, education, and access to services and resources.


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The youth council’s calendar runs in concurrence with the school year, from September to June. During these months, meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm in the council chamber at city hall.

The Happy Valley Youth Councilors serve the City on a voluntary basis. Terms end at the conclusion of the Councilor’s high school career. Term lengths vary in accordance to the date elected to the Council.

Happy Valley Youth Council requires teens to be at a freshman through senior academic level and reside in the City of Happy Valley.

Youth Council Sponsors

Providence Health

Providence Health & Services

Providence is pioneering the way for future Youth Council sponsors by recognizing their good works and supporting their community efforts.

Kaut Waste Services

Kahut Waste Services

Kahut joins as a sponsor for our Happy Valley Youth Council. We appreciate their support of our young councilors and community clean-up events!