The Engineering Division serves as a liaison between the citizens of Happy Valley, private contractors, other city departments, and Clackamas County as well as state and federal agencies.

The Division is responsible for constructing capital improvement projects and responding to citizen inquiries relating to public works issues.

Our Mission:

  • To provide the City of Happy Valley with professional engineering services that ensure long-range comprehensive infrastructure planning; sound project design; quality construction management; and, to provide technical engineering assistance to the City’s boards, commissions and elected officials.
  • To provide professional engineering services for planning, design, construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure. The department administers all the capital improvement projects for paving, drainage and utilities including all design, right-of-way, contracting, inspections and final acceptance of projects.
  • To serve as a liaison between the citizens of Happy Valley, developers, private contractors, service providers and County/Metro/State/Federal agencies and to facilitate and enable construction of capital improvement projects while responding to citizen inquiries relating to public works issues.


The Engineering Division oversees:

  • Review and approval of preliminary and final plans for private development related to the public infrastructure t
  • Grading and Civil Site Plan review for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family developments
  • City capital improvement projects
  • Construction and erosion control inspections
  • Right of Way (ROW) Permits
  • Street Pavement Management Program
  • City Design Manual and Specifications

Our focus is to improve safety and convenience for citizens while protecting the environment and natural resources.


Carol Earle, P.E. City Engineer

(503) 783-3815

Sally Curran, P.E. Senior Civil Engineer

(503) 783-3814

Sheri Markwardt, P.E. Civil Engineer


Matt Rozzell Development Services Manager

(503) 783-3843

Karleen Aichele Engineering Technician

(503) 783-3824

Engineering Permits