HV Public Art


When exploring town, you may have questions about the public art you see. You may wonder “Who painted that beautiful mural at Happy Valley Park?” or “Where can I go to enjoy a concert?” Now you can find out!

Explore the map and click on the icons to learn more about the art resources currently available in the City of Happy Valley. Map layers depict free art and activities, fee-based activities, and future projects under consideration by the City.

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The Public Art Committee advises the City Council in the creation, development, and implementation of official public art activities, like the Sculpture Garden Program. Learn more here!

The Happy Valley Public Art Master Plan is a living document, used to guide and inspire long-term Public Art Committee operations. The plan remains subject to revision in response to evolving community values and desires.

The Happy Valley Public Art Master Plan outlines several areas of interest, including a survey of public art opportunities, funding and program options and guiding principles.

Did you know that Happy Valley City Hall has a rotating Sculpture Garden? Every two years, artists from around the Pacific Northwest are invited to show their work at several locations just outside our front doors! These sculptures are on a short-term loan to the City, allowing the Garden to exhibit many pieces over time. Meet the artists and learn more the exhibit here!

Experience Art in the Valley! Whether you visit the Park Hop Art Walk, Fairytale Trail, Drive-In Museum, or Civic Exhibit, these self-guided tours will bring a little magic to your day. Scan the QR Code within each self-guided tour for more information about the attractions!

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Whether you’re on the go or snug as a bug at home, we have an art project for you!

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Check out the website for curated booklists, summer programs, and a variety of activities – all for Kids! Don’t forget, we have teen and adult programs too!

Whether it’s sports, exploring your creative side, attending a community event, or getting outdoors with a guided trip, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Happy Valley Parks and Recreation programs this season!

Made available through the National Gallery of Art, these family-oriented art resources introduce children to great artists and their work, with corresponding activities and explorations that inspire artistic development, focused looking, and creative writing. Check back each quarter new featured Eye for Art activities!