Code Enforcement

Public Safety Neighborhood Watch program

Safety patrols by Community Service Officers can offer peace of mind when you need to be away from your home for an extended period of time. They can also help support efforts to curb crime if a neighborhood has experienced an influx of safety concerns leading to multiple police reports. As part of the City’s Neighborhood Watch Program, a request for the service is carried out by completing a confidential form through the City website. Once submitted, a member of the Code Enforcement team will review your request.

Request An Extra Patrol Form


Community Safety for Businesses

Community Safety for Businesses

We protect the beauty and health of our neighborhoods for everyone to enjoy.

We are committed to proudly serving our community in a safe, professional, and effective manner.

Our services are dedicated to enriching the lives of our citizens by protecting the health and welfare of residents through fair and impartial enforcement of the Happy Valley Municipal Code.

Responsibilities include:

Our goal is to educate and seek voluntary compliance prior to enforcement.

The Code Enforcement Division is housed within the Public Safety Department to help facilitate the cross-departmental coordination that is often required to solve livability problems within Happy Valley.