Alarm Systems

Alarm System Ordinance

In Happy Valley, police patrol units respond to all alarm calls; however, excessive false alarms can place a significant burden on our police resources and tax dollars. To reduce the number of false alarms, Happy Valley requires every alarm user to obtain a permit from the City.

To apply for an Alarm Permit, please use our new online system HVWORKS. Alarm permits cover a two-year period, beginning the date the permit is issued.

Requirements & Fees

  • Apply online at HVWORKS for an alarm permit.
  • Pay the applicable permit fee online once application is submitted.
    • $60 for residential home permit
    • $100 for business premise permit
  • Once the permit is received, it should be displayed physically upon the premises and available for inspection.

Please note: For residents 65 years of age or over, or resident military/veteran there is no fee. However, these users will still be required to have a permit and will be assessed fines for excessive false alarms.

False Alarm Prevention Tips

  • Ensure all users of your alarm are properly trained (including relatives, babysitters, housekeepers, building managers, janitors, etc.).
  • Instruct alarm users on how to cancel an accidentally activated alarm.
  • Restrict pet access in areas where your alarm could be triggered.
  • Notify your alarm monitoring company when repair services or others will be at the premises.
  • Provide your alarm company with the names and numbers of responsible parties who can respond when the alarm has been activated.
  • Contact your security company for additional suggestions on how to prevent false alarms.