The Budget Committee for Happy Valley consists of the Council plus an equal number of legal voters who have resided in the city for at least a year. The citizen members are appointed by Council. Since Happy Valley has five councilors the Budget Committee consists of ten members, with the vote of each member being equal. This committee is established in accordance with the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes to review the City Manager’s Proposed Budget document as prepared by the budget officer and to recommend a budget they approve to the Council for adoption. Terms for citizen members on the budget committee are three years. The City Recorder is the official record keeper for the committee and the Finance Director is the staff liaison.

Budget Committee

Member NameTitleTerm
Grant RoperCitizen Volunteer12/31/2020
Ana SarishCitizen Volunteer12/31/2020
Bill BersieCitizen Volunteer12/31/2019
John ShepherdCitizen Volunteer12/31/2019
Avi PatelCitizen Volunteer12/31/2019
Tom EllisMayor12/31/2022
Brett ShermanCouncil President12/31/2022
Markley DrakeCouncilor12/31/2022
David GolobayCouncilor12/31/2020
David EmamiCouncil12/31/2020