The Committee acts as an advisory committee to the City Council in the creation, development and implementation of official traffic safety activities. Members serve 2 year terms.


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Annual Public Safety Report

Meetings are held in the council chambers at City Hall at 7:00 PM on the second thursday of each month.

Board MembersTerm Expires
TJ Milashouskas12/31/2019
Kevin Bailey12/31/2019
Debbie Sheperd12/31/2018
Dimeji Onafuwa12/31/2018
Bryan Brock12/31/2018
Ana Sarish12/31/2019
Ron Wackford12/31/2018
Jennifer Brownlee12/31/2019
Grant Roper12/31/2019
Steve Campbell, City Liaison
Fire Chief Fred Charlton, CFD#1 Liaison