Construction Sites

Community Service Officers play a crucial role in making sure construction sites adhere to city rules and do not inadvertently jeopardize the safety of residents or disrupt the livability of the city. To do this, Community Service Officers carry out daily patrols to monitor compliance as they relate to parking regulations, road obstructions, and general hazards. This proactive approach helps ensure the overall safety of Happy Valley while supporting the needs of local development.

Benefits to regular patrols of construction sites include:

  • Safety Assurance: Regular patrols help identify and address potential safety hazards promptly. This includes ensuring that roads are clear of obstructions, emergency access routes are unobstructed, and residents and workers are not exposed to preventable risks.
  • Traffic Flow Management: Monitoring parking compliance and road obstructions aids in managing traffic flow within the community. Illegally parked vehicles or equipment, or general obstructions can impede the movement of traffic and create significant barriers for emergency service vehicles. Daily patrols help maintain order on the roads, ensuring that residents can navigate their neighborhoods and major thoroughfares.
  • Community Security: The presence of regular patrols can act as a deterrent to potential criminal activities. Visible enforcement of parking and safety regulations contributes to a sense of security among residents. It sends a message that the community is actively monitoring its surroundings which helps discourage illegal and unsafe behavior.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Clear and unobstructed roads are crucial so first responders and emergency vehicles can respond swiftly to incidents. Daily patrols ensure that emergency access routes are consistently available, reducing response times in critical situations.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Enforcing parking regulations and addressing road obstructions ensures that residents and visitors can get where they need to go.

Keeping messes in check
During patrols, Community Service Officers might address erosion concerns or disposal issues related to construction waste and debris. While it’s understandable for construction sites to generate some amount of clutter and debris as part of their operations, it remains the responsibility of the site to reasonably maintain areas affecting the public. For this reason, ensuring that construction sites uphold standards of cleanliness and safety is absolutely vital. This comprehensive approach not only fosters a visually appealing and safe environment but also upholds community standards and regulatory compliance.

Benefits to these additional efforts include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A well-maintained environment enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, fostering a sense of pride among residents and visitors.
  • Property Value: A well-kept community often translates to higher property values. Residents are more likely to invest time and resources in maintaining their properties when they perceive the community as desirable and attractive.
  • Public Health and Safety: Timely and efficient garbage removal is essential for controlling pests and maintaining a hygienic living environment. Erosion control measures also play a role in preventing accidents and injuries caused by unstable terrain.

Construction site hours
Construction hours are Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Construction work and noise is NOT permitted outside of these timeframes. On Sundays, there are some additional restrictions as the following specific activities are not permitted at any time of day:

  • site clearing
  • earth moving
  • installation or construction of underground utilities
  • paving of streets and sidewalks
  • foundation framing and pouring
  • and structure framing

Construction site noise and other concerns
With construction work limited to specific hours, noise that originates from a project site should only occur during the times permitted. Residents that have a concern about a specific noise coming from a construction site are encouraged to contact a Community Service Officer at 503-783-3800 to discuss.

Residents can also submit an online Report a Concern to communicate any other issues pertaining to a construction site.

Noise control variances
Occasionally, construction noise may need occur that is not usually permitted. This is typically due to a special circumstance or because of a specific task related to a project. In these situations, a Noise Control Variance must first be approved by the City. Contractors must apply for this approval before the work can occur.