City breaks ground for Superblock project

On hand to celebrate this occasion was Mayor Tom Ellis, City Councilor David Emami, and Traffic and Public Safety Committee members, TJ Milashouskas and Kevin Bailey. North Clackamas School Principals, Heather Hull from Happy Valley Elementary School and LaJena Broadous from Happy Valley Middle School also participated in today’s festivities.

The City’s Superblock project is coming along!

You may have noticed the new sidewalk sections on Ridgecrest and 132nd as well as several new rapid flashing beacon crosswalks near the schools and park. Once fully completed, the project will bring contiguous sidewalks that link sections of Ridgecrest and 132nd and King Road and 147th, increasing the safety and mobility for both pedestrians and motorists.

This week, Mayor Ellis and City Council visited the newly completed areas, but the real sight to be seen was the excitement of students from Happy Valley Elementary using one of the crosswalks after school. Increasing safety is of paramount importance to the Mayor and Councilors. Helping families and youth get to school and Happy Valley Park in turn promotes better livability and quality of life.

With Public Works coordinating much of the project, the next phase includes securing right of way acquisition on King Road, underground power design on King Road, and a development agreement at the corner of 132nd/Ridgecrest. The team is already hard at work on these efforts, so stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Superblock Phase 1 & 2 Map

Mayor Ellis and Council walking Ridgecrest

Mayor Ellis and Council walking along Ridgecrest.

The map shows the scope of the superblock project

The superblock project will create a walkable area within Happy Valley. The project aims to increase safety for both pedestrians and motorists and provide more recreational opportunities for those wanting to explore the community. Construction of the entire plan will occur over the course of several years.

The endeavor will offer contiguous sidewalks that link sections of Ridgecrest and 132nd and King Road and 147th. Purpose of this project is to increase safety of both pedestrians and motorists and provide more opportunities for everyone to enjoy a stroll around the area.

The superblock will allow for better traffic flow and connectivity between the sections of land that currently have gaps, allowing for increased usability of the space. This is of paramount importance to the City’s youth, elderly and those with disabilities. Being able to safely traverse the area not only promotes healthy recreational activity by way of exercise, but it also helps boost cross-visibility between those on foot and those using the road. Residents of the City have voiced wanting a project like this to come to fruition for some time. City Council has made this a priority and has assured its inclusion in the master plan. Council has also recommended the project be completed as soon as possible, so staff are working diligently to make sure all preparations are taken care of. The City continues to be excited about the superblock project as it will provide more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy Happy Valley. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Public Works Director, Chris Randall at 503-783-3800.