Superblock Project

The superblock project will create a walkable area within one of Happy Valley’s most popular hubs. The project aims to increase safety for both pedestrians and motorists and provide more recreational opportunities for those wanting to explore the community. A multi-year project in the making, construction broke ground in 2019 and was organized into three separate phases.

The endeavor will ultimately offer contiguous sidewalks that link sections of Ridgecrest and 132nd and King Road and 147th. The purpose of this project is to increase safety of both pedestrians and motorists and provide more opportunities for everyone to enjoy a stroll around the area.

The Superblock will also allow for better traffic flow and connectivity between the sections of land that currently have gaps, allowing for increased usability of the space. This is of paramount importance to the City’s youth, senior population, and those with disabilities. Being able to safely traverse the area not only promotes healthy recreational activity by way of exercise, but it also helps boost cross-visibility between those on foot or using a mobility device, and those using the road.

Residents of the City have voiced their interest in bringing this project to fruition for some time. Though a significant undertaking, City Council has made it a priority to ensure it gets completed. Below is a Summary Map that shows what areas will receive pedestrian improvements.

Current Phase III

The final phase of the Superblock project includes the addition of curbs, sidewalks, and some street improvements between Regina Ct. and 132nd. Work will also include undergrounding power. Residents will likely see crews commence work at the end of November/early December 2023 as preparatory measures, including storm drainage efforts get underway. Undergrounding of utilities is anticipated to take place late spring/summer 2024, followed by paving and creating the final segment connections. Project is anticipated to be completed late 2024.

General schedule is as follows:
Site preparation – March
Stormwater System – March-July
Undergrounding Utilities – Beginning April
Stormwater Detention Facility – May-August
Mt. Scott Creek Bridge – May-August
Street Restoration – August-October

Phase II

Phase II brought significant progress that included coordinated efforts with PGE to remove a power pole on 132nd, near Ridgecrest Rd. Construction brought the installation of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, along with lane widening, grinding, and paving along several stretches of roadway.  This phase also included the construction of a major planter strip on the south side of Ridgecrest, from the intersection of 132nd Avenue and Ridgecrest, to just west of Parkwood Way.

The map below illustrates work identified for Phase I and Phase II of the project.
Phase I and II map here

Superblock Phase 1 & 2 Map

Phase I

In December 2019, the City kicked off the initial groundbreaking of the City’s Superblock project.

Superblock phase I efforts included sidewalk improvements on Ridgecrest Rd and 132nd and three new Rapid Flashing Beacon pedestrian crossings. Two of these crossings were placed adjacent to Happy Valley Elementary (King Rd). The third was placed along 145th next to Denali Drive.


Will this affect my commute?

Flaggers may be utilized to direct traffic, however traffic delays are not anticipated as the majority of this work will happen outside of the standard traveled way. Intermittent traffic flagging of up to 20 minutes could be observed in rare cases.

How is this project being funded?

The City is utilizing transportation dollars (collected through the development process) to complete this project. These monies can only be used on capacity increasing projects and projects identified within the City’s transportation system plan. This project is also funded via an increased right-of-way use fee charged to PGE. Learn more about this at the designated page.

Questions about the project? Contact – 

Chris Randall
Public Works Director
(503) 783-3842

Edward P. Hodges, P.E.
(503) 684-3478