Sport Field Enhancement Feasibility Study

The City of Happy Valley is conducting a feasibility study to explore the potential for converting one or more of the existing natural grass sport fields at Happy Valley Park into all-weather, artificial turf. It’s important to note that a decision to move forward has not been made and citizen input is important in this process. Previous park plans that were developed with extensive public input from the community identified the need to study field layouts and the potential conversion of field space to all-weather turf to address the demand for additional sport field capacity and playability. Before continuing with this project, the City first wants to know if the community is still interested, so please fill out the survey!

The Park currently has three baseball fields and up to six multi-use fields depending on the field configuration and size. Local and community sport leagues have indicated that additional field capacity would be necessary for the needs of the growing leagues.

While converting existing natural grass sport fields to artificial turf will greatly extend the degree of use for sports activities, the turf fields would no longer be as versatile for use during community activities and events. Any field areas converted to artificial turf fields would potentially need to be restricted to only athletic/sports uses to manage and protect the condition of the fields. The turf characteristics would not be suitable for community events that require staked tents or booths. The turf fields would be restricted to foot traffic and maintenance activities only – no bikes, no vehicles. Also, food and drink should not be served or consumed on the fields.

The design and layout of any field conversion is intended to avoid affecting existing recreational facilities in the Park. The potential layouts depicted in this survey are preliminary and are intended to illustrate the range of options that could be explored. The potential of converting any of the existing, natural grass fields would require additional parking and support amenities at the Park and trigger the need for stormwater facilities to avoid any impacts to the Scott Creek. Any proposed field improvements would be subject to land development review and permitting by the City and, thus, are subject to modification to meet land use and environmental regulatory requirements.

The following short survey is an initial step in exploring community considerations about sport field changes, if any, at Happy Valley Park.

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