Sport Field Enhancement Feasibility Study

During the summer, the City of Happy Valley conducted a feasibility study to explore the potential for installing all-weather, artificial turf. The study specifically explored our community’s interest and thoughts on whether it should be installed on one or more of the existing natural grass sport fields at Happy Valley Park and/or in any future park the City develops. The study was presented via a survey and results were compiled by a third-party consultant.

In reviewing the feedback submitted, it was evident that a slight majority was not in favor of turf being installed on current fields at Happy Valley Park. Some participants indicated concerns about environmental conditions, cost and safety, while others expressed concern about how this might affect the current nature of Happy Valley Park.

At the same time, findings from the study indicated community interest in turf fields within new parks the City considers constructing. Acquiring the necessary park space in the future that could accommodate this type of use is key.

Given this information, the City Council decided not to install turf fields at Happy Valley Park at this time. Instead, it directed staff to work with the Parks Advisory Committee to continue exploring turf fields options in future parks.