Proposed Amendments to the Happy Valley Municipal Code

Proposed Amendments to the Happy Valley Municipal (Land Development) Code

To assist in maintaining a high-quality community, the City Council (Council) has been reviewing existing provisions of Title 16 of the Happy Valley Municipal Code (HVMC), also known as the Land Development Code (LDC).  The Council considered concerns brought forth from the community regarding development standards as part of this review. The Council performed an audit of several topics in the LDC and provided direction to staff to update certain standards in the LDC where improvements could be made. The proposed amendments to enhance the livability of the community and implement the general direction of the Council include:

  • Increasing Side Yard and/or Garage Setbacks in Very Low, Low, and Medium Density Residential Zones to a Minimum of 7’ Interior Side Yard Setback and 22’ Garage Setback; Increasing the Garage Setbacks in the High Density – Residential District to 22’;
  • Reducing/Amending Maximum Density in Environmentally Constrained Areas and Revising the Density Calculation/Density Transfer Language;
  • Adding/Amending Residential Architectural Design Standards to Provide Additional Options and Requirements and Applying the Same Requirements to all Single-Family Detached, Attached, Triplex, and Quadplex Housing Types. Reducing Multifamily Limitations in the VC District;
  • Amending Fencing Materials Required Along Major Roadways to Removing Wood as a Material Option and Clarifying Fencing Standards;

In addition, staff proposed the following amendments:

  • Reducing the Setbacks for Cottage Clusters per State Law and Reducing the Overall Number of Cottages and Clusters Allowed in a Development.

It is anticipated that these documents will be revised further during the review process until final adoption by the Council. The proposed changes are primarily for development regulations throughout the city limits and do not include any changes to the Zoning Map or any City-initiated construction.

The Happy Valley Planning Commission will hold a work session to provide an opportunity for staff to present the proposed amendments in detail to the Planning Commission on September 27, 2002 at 6pm. The work session is open to the public but no verbal testimony will be accepted. The Planning Commission’s first public hearing to consider a recommendation on the proposed changes (File No. LDC-02-22) will be on October 11, 2022, at 6pm at Happy Valley City Hall, 16000 SE Misty Drive, Happy Valley, OR 97086 and via Zoom. Any interested party may testify at the hearings or submit written comments to [email protected] at, or prior to, the public hearings while the record is open. All written comments must be received by 5pm on September 23, 2022, to be included in the staff report. The hearings will be held under the provisions of Title 16 of the HVMC, and rules of procedure adopted by the Council. The Council will review the proposed amendments at a public hearing once the Planning Commission has made a recommendation. A full copy of the proposed amendments will be posted online with the meeting agenda at https://www.happyvalleyor.gov/city-hall/agendas-minutes-packets/ on October 4, 2022.

Additional information may be found by calling (503) 783-3800 or emailing [email protected].