Code Corner

Park it! Don’t let a parking citation ruin your day

Parking rules are necessary to properly manage and maximize the space available on our City streets. Safety is always the primary goal when it comes to having these rules and when adhered to, they contribute to things running smoothly around town and help promote the City’s livability.

For example, when a vehicle parks in an area that is designated No Parking (i.e. in a crosswalk or facing the wrong way), it creates a hazard for other vehicles and pedestrians. The same goes for instances when a vehicle is parked for an extended period on public roads. That’s why it is one of the responsibilities of Community Service Officers to ensure that drivers comply with local parking laws and ordinances. By keeping in accordance with City rules and working with residents, Community Service Officers aim to help keep Happy Valley chugging along.

Common reasons for a parking citation:

  • Parking on a sidewalk or in the right of way
  • Parking where NO PARKING signs are posted
  • Parking next to a yellow or red curb
  • Double parking
  • Blocking driveways
  • Blocking ADA ramps
  • Parking more than 12 inches from the curb
  • Parking in the unlawful direction of traffic
  • Parking in the park after closing (as indicated on posted signs)
  • Parking over 72 hours on a residential street
  • Abandoned or unlicensed vehicles left for 48 hours on a residential street
  • Trailers parked on street that are not attached to a vehicle *includes utility vehicles, campers, enclosed trailers, etc.
  • Parking in disabled space without having or displaying a disabled parking permit
  • Parking in a bike lane
  • Parking within 10 ft. from a fire hydrant
  • Parking within 12 ft. from a mailbox

Community Service Officers will issue a citation if there has been a violation and when deemed necessary, may arrange for a vehicle to be towed at the owner’s expense. Citations vary in amount, depending on the infraction. Once a citation has been issued, the City’s Municipal Court will be alerted and you may have to appear in front of the Judge.

As with any City ordinance, Community Service Officers strive to help residents and visitors comply with expectations. When appropriate, officers may provide education about a potential parking related concern before issuing a formal citation, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner to follow the rules.

Want to learn more about parking enforcement in Happy Valley or let us know about an abandoned vehicle? Our team welcomes questions or concerns and is happy to help explain things in more detail. Simply give us a call at City Hall and ask to speak to a Community Service Officer by dialing 503-783-3800.