National Night Out

Of all the fun events we attend as a City Council, National Night Out is one of our favorite evenings. By the looks of it, this annual event is one of your favorite nights with your neighbors. With over 30 neighborhoods participating, that means residents are connecting, having fun together, and making community a priority within their own pockets of the City. National Night Out is so much more than sharing a BBQ with friends.

At National Night Out, our purpose is to provide an opportunity for our local law enforcement professionals to engage with residents and help open the door for meaningful and proactive safety discussions. To this end, we each partnered up with a Happy Valley officer during the event and spent the evening talking with residents. Conversations between officers and residents understandably focused on specific safety issues and ways to prevent crime, but we also noticed something else – relationships. Throughout the night, we watched Happy Valley police officers immediately refer to residents by name, offer high-fives to kids who were over the moon to say hello, and even pick up on old conversations with residents as if they had never left off.

There’s no question about it, the work our local Happy Valley police officers do to keep us safe is imperative to our City’s livability. More than keeping us safe, it was clear our law enforcement team has a pulse on this community. We were happy to see just how much they care about Happy Valley during National Night Out.