Identifying Priorities

We hear from residents all over town about projects and ideas that could make the City a better place. As tempting as it is to try and do everything, we recognize that most of the City’s resources and staff time are spent providing day-to-day services such as road maintenance, public safety, permitting, etc. To make the most of our limited resources, it’s important for us to prioritize and establish a cohesive set of goals for our team to accomplish.

Last month, we gathered together with senior staff members to go over projects that are currently underway and discuss future priorities. Below is a recap of the major projects underway, as well as the new priorities the City Council identified.

Major Projects Already Underway

  • Planning for Pleasant Valley / North Carver
  • Investing in Infrastructure through Urban Renewal
  • Completing Sidewalk Gaps Around the Super-block
  • Resolving Parks & Recreation Dispute
  • Completing a Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Engaging Residents on an Upcoming Public Safety Levy

Priorities on the Horizon

  • Acquiring Property for future Parks, Community Center, and/or Public Works Facility
  • Developing a Plan for a Future Downtown
  • Revisiting Annexation Policy
  • Exploring Council Compensation
  • Evaluating Idleman Road Classification
  • Finding Funding for Bike/Pedestrian Projects
  • Assisting with Affordable Housing Efforts
  • Implementing Private Security for Developments Under Construction

Of course, these projects are in addition to the critical tasks of keeping our city clean, well-run, fiscally responsible, and family oriented. While we all have our own projects of interest, we are able to set those aside so that we can focus on this cohesive set of priorities. We have big dreams for Happy Valley. The first step is to identify and set priorities and we are excited to get to work on this list.