Pleasant Valley / North Carver Plan

The City Council is fortunate to receive guidance and input from our volunteers on a variety of boards and committees. In fact, most of the significant decisions we make are only after much deliberation by these civically engaged committees. Planning for the future isn’t just about what the City Council thinks is best. It takes a collective vision established by the community and cohesive action from our volunteer committees.

Our approach with developing a comprehensive plan for a portion of the former Damascus will be no different. We will need community input.

As many of you know, the City of Damascus disincorporated in 2016. Since then, numerous property owners representing over 1,000 acres of land adjacent to Happy Valley’s eastern city limits submitted petitions to annex. It’s such a positive reflection of our community when people come and ask to be part of it.

Now, it’s the responsibility of the City to develop a comprehensive plan with the guidance of the community. The planning area will cover those properties that were recently annexed, as well as other areas that could annex in the next few years. It will be called the “Pleasant Valley / North Carver Comp Plan.” Much of the work will address future zoning, additional school needs, protection of natural resources, provision of parks, roads, transit, water, sewer, and other infrastructure.

In recent years, community members have expressed the need for: viable industrial/employment lands; adequate commercial lands; a grid-system based town center area; variety of housing options; trails; recreation facilities and open space preservation; managed growth; connective arterial and collector facilities; and, guidelines for community design.

While growth presents challenges, this land is already in the Urban Growth Boundary. Including this area in our comprehensive planning efforts provides all of us a voice to shape the future of this new part of our community. As a City Council, we will rely heavily on input from property owners, community members, and service providers including the multiple school districts in the area, Clackamas Fire District, Sunrise Water Authority, and others.

If you live in Happy Valley or own property in the Pleasant Valley / North Carver area and would like to get involved, please contact us. The one certainty with land use planning in Oregon is that it takes time! We anticipate the process to take up to 2 years. If you have any questions, please contact Michael D. Walter, AICP, Economic and Community Development Director at or 503-783-3839.