Steve Campbell, an Oregon native, has dedicated his career to public service, beginning in 1994. He joined the city of Happy Valley in 2003 and has worn many hats in his tenure there. Initially stepping into the role of Director of Community Services and Public Safety, Campbell currently serves as the Director of Parks and Recreation as well. He manages a diverse portfolio, including the Police Services Contract, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, Municipal Court, and Emergency Management.

In 2023, Steve Campbell along with Stephani Hern, received the Civic Education Award at the League of Oregon Cities 98th annual conference. The award recognizes educators who have promoted local government education in Oregon Schools

In addition to his public safety and parks and recreation roles, Campbell also serves as the Director of Community Services and the City’s Public Information Officer. His responsibilities encompass the management of community relations, marketing, community events, government awareness education programs, youth council, passport program, and various permit services. Campbell is not only involved within the city limits; he serves as the Chair of the Clackamas County Contract Cities Oversight Committee and acts as the liaison for the Happy Valley Business Alliance. As one of the city’s youth advisors, he has a particular interest in fostering the next generation of civic-minded individuals.

Prior to joining Happy Valley, Campbell had extensive experience working for government agencies at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels. His longstanding commitment to public service is underscored by his passion for good government and the well-being of the community he serves.