Park Safety

Working in partnership with the Happy Valley Parks and Recreation Department and the Happy Valley Police, Community Service Officers support the safety of our City’s parks through dedicated patrols. In doing this, they help preserve and protect these spaces, thereby ensuring City parks remain safe and welcoming for all.

Specifically, Community Service Officers make sure that City rules and regulations are followed. They educate the public on proper use of City parks and playgrounds and watch over the open spaces and facilities included. They are available to provide first aid when needed, provide crowd control during special events such as concerts and other community events, and are specifically trained to help deescalate situations and even offer support to at-risk individuals in need of social services. A list of parks in the City can be found here.

View Park Rule and Regulations here.

General Park Rules

It is important to remember that most parks are surrounded by neighborhoods. This is not by accident. We want our parks to be convenient for residents to use. We ask all visitors to conduct themselves as they would if they were in their own neighborhood. Please be respectful when parking, disposing of trash, and using these shared spaces. Amplified sound is prohibited in City parks. This includes any sound projected or transmitted by amplifier, speakers, microphone, or similar device unless permitted at a City sponsored event.

If it is dark out, and the park is not open as part of a permitted event, then the park is considered closed and trespassers can be ticketed.

At City managed parks, City staff are responsible for emptying garbage cans and restocking restrooms. Visitors are expected to properly dispose of their personal garbage or take it with them when they leave. If the restrooms or another facility in the park need attention, please call 503-783-3800. Damaging or defacing park property is prohibited. This includes tampering of buildings, signs, structures, and greenery.

All animal waste must be placed in a bag or container and disposed of. There are bag dispensers for animal waste at most parks. Pets cannot be left unattended for any time. People with animals that act aggressively, or bark continuously will be required to leave. All animals in a park must be on a leash except if they are in one of the designated dog park enclosures at Happy Valley Park. Please note that Mount Talbert Nature Park and Scouters Mountain Nature Park do not permit dogs at either location in any capacity.

This includes cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any inhalant delivery system such as e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

Alcohol possession and consumption is prohibited at all Happy Valley Parks, unless permitted at a City sponsored event, and distributed by an OLCC approved vendor.

The speed limit through parks is 10 mph. Motor vehicles must be operated in accordance of the law. Keep them off paths, grass, and trails unless you have express permission from the City. This includes ATVs, motor bikes, and other recreational vehicles

To protect the park’s irrigation system and prevent uneven ground, and avoid equipment being left behind, stakes and posts may not be pounded into the ground.

City law requires anyone using the skate park to use a helmet. Helmets must be properly worn on your head, correctly, at all times, regardless of age.

Have conversations with your kids BEFORE they set foot in a park about how to assess their surroundings and make safe choices when it comes to the activities they take part in and the company they keep. Being clear about your child’s behavior expectations when at the park and what to do in case of emergency is always a good idea. To further ensure safety, parents are encouraged to accompany their children during visits to the park. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as your child’s guardian to know where your child is and what they are engaged in.

Finally, under no circumstances are weapons or fireworks allowed in City parks or other public spaces.