Filing a Concern or Complaint

The Code Enforcement team is proud to be an important factor in the community’s safety and livability. Our Code Officers are committed to performing this necessary public service in a courteous and considerate manner.

Reporting a Code Complaint

If you have a concern or complaint that you would like to notify the City about, please contact our Code Enforcement Department at (503) 783-3800, or fill out the Citizen Concern Form.

Investigation of Reported Concern

Once a complaint is received by the Code Enforcement Division, a Code Enforcement Officer will make a site visit to determine if a violation exists. If there is a violation, Code Enforcement will determine who is the responsible party/property owner.


When it has been determined who the responsible party is, Code Enforcement staff will notify them of the violation. Notification may be in the form of personal contact, a warning with a door hanger, or a letter. In certain situations, such as health or safety matters, or repeat violations, there may be no warning and a citation may be issued. No matter what form of notification is given, there will be a compliance date given by which time the corrections must be completed to avoid further enforcement action.

If after the first notice, if there is no abatement or correction of the violation by the compliance date, staff may issue a second notice. This notification will be in a written format with a second compliance date by which time the violation must be abated or corrected. In certain instances, there may be no second notice, and the Code Enforcement Officer may issue a citation to appear in court.

More information on citations and abatement