Tree Cutting Ordinance

Tree Cutting Permits

If you are planning to remove a tree whose trunk diameter is greater than 6 inches, you are required to obtain a permit before doing any work. The permit you need is determined by the type of project you are undertaking.

Type A Permit: This permit is required for tree removal that meets the following:

  • No more than three trees are proposed for removal
  • Tree removal is not within the Streep Slopes or Natural Resources Overlay Zones
  • The trees are not protected as a condition of development approval
  • The trees located on private property and are not within a street tree easement  
  • A Type A permit has not been granted for the subject site within the past year. This limitation may be waived by the City

Fee: $55

Property owner must apply and sign the permit.

Apply for a Type A Tree Permit

Type B Permit: This permit applies to all other tree removal. Tree replacement is required for most tree removal or a financial contribution to the City’s “Tree Bank”.

Fee: $83 (plus tree replacement if applicable)

Type B Application – Must be completed prior to applying on-line

Type B Application for Street Tree Removal – Must be completed prior to applying online.

Read more about street trees

*Authorized tree removal contractors are required to have a Happy Valley Business license.

Once you have submitted your application, the City will notify you if your application is approved. You are allowed to apply for one permit every year unless you have an emergency or special circumstance. Trees within the building envelope of a proposed structure may be exempted from tree removal fees at the discretion of the City.