The Happy Valley Police Department is comprised of a dedicated team that keeps the community safe via 24/7 patrols, educational programs, and community outreach. Deputies’ engagement with the public, whether interacting with citizens, business owners or students, demonstrates their commitment to working together to maintain the safety of the community.


Police services are specifically provided through a contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and are funded entirely by a special Public Safety Levy which is voted on by residents every five years. Through this partnership and annual contract with the CCSO, the City maintains local control and identity of our police, and ultimately saves the tax-payer money since it can utilize many of the same services this larger law enforcement agency provides. Having access to quality safety assurance is vital and is what ensures police can respond quickly to emergencies when someone calls for help.

Since 2002, Happy Valley property owners have paid taxes to fund dedicated police services. The passing of Measures 5 (1990) and 50 (1997) set limits on the amount of tax levied on property values for schools and set a permanent tax rate on all tax districts in Oregon. Due to these measures, Happy Valley’s permanent tax rate of $0.67 cannot be increased which means the only other way to cover the costs for police services is to refer to the ballot for levy consideration every five years.

It is important to note that Happy Valley’s Public Safety Levy is not the same as the Clackamas County Local Option Tax Levy (LOC Levy). The LOC Levy is something all Clackamas County residents can vote for or against when it is referred to the ballot. Different from Happy Valley’s Public Safety Levy, the LOC Levy helps fund the County jail, the staffing of the County jail, and special investigations of drug crimes. It covers some patrols in rural areas, but it does not cover police patrols in Happy Valley. Since Happy Valley is an incorporated city, residents of Happy Valley are not part of the enhanced law enforcement district like those in unincorporated areas that do receive CCSO patrols.