The Happy Valley Police Department is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, and that includes forging a relationship with North Clackamas School District and our local schools. Collaboration between law enforcement and educational institutions is vital in creating a secure environment for students, educators, and staff. By maintaining a close connection with schools, we can proactively address safety concerns and implement preventive measures, fostering an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

Our partnership involves regular communication and collaboration to identify and problem-solve issues that may arise within or around school premises. With the help of our City’s designated School Resource Officer, we work closely with educators and administrators to enhance preparedness and response capabilities. This proactive engagement not only helps in addressing immediate safety concerns, but also contributes to building a supportive and resilient community where law enforcement and schools support one another in providing a safe and nurturing environment for all students to thrive. By staying connected and working hand-in-hand, Happy Valley Police and our local schools aim to create a safer and more secure community for the benefit of everyone. The following are some ways Happy Valley Police work directly with local schools.


Through the City’s contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, schools in Happy Valley have the support of a designated School Resource Officer (SRO). This person works in tandem with educational staff to maximize efforts related to promoting safety at school, with preventative measures taking top priority. The main difference separating an SRO from other police deputies is that they have special training on how to work with youth. Their focus is often on issues related to things like cyber safety, violence prevention, conflict mediation, and helping connect students who may be struggling behaviorally at school with vital resources.  As an additional set of eyes and ears, the SRO plays an important role in supporting safety efforts and creating an environment that encourages positive relationships between law enforcement and those the SRO serves.  Because this person is in the schools every day, they are familiar with the daily happenings and students know who they are. As a result, the School Resource Office is part of the educational culture and seen as a dependable confidant.

The Happy Valley Police Department has been making school zone safety a priority with increased patrols during peak traffic times – namely school drop off and pickup. Traffic flow is understandably impeded during these times, as is parking and general safety concerns related to visibility as students, parents, teachers, and drivers are coming and going in mass numbers. The police department has ultimately been a key player in helping the City, school staff, and residents attempt to problem-solve issues, and has worked in tandem with the City to partner with schools every step of the way. This work has culminated in outcomes as simple as minor changes to traffic flow to the installation of permanent traffic signs and lighting. Learn more about these efforts at our designated page.

As part of ongoing efforts to build relationship and discuss relevant happenings, the City has made it a priority to gather every few months during the school year to check in with local principals and share information. The idea is that through these meetings, both entities can help support one another and find ways to work efficiently and in the best interest of the City’s students. Topics discussed include school related traffic and safety concerns, various resources available, upcoming events, and ways to engage youth at a local level. Representatives from law enforcement, the Happy Valley Library, Parks and Recreation, and Clackamas Fire are also in attendance. Any principal from a nearby school that serves multiple students from the City is invited and encouraged to attend. If you are a new principal to a Happy Valley School and would like to ensure you are invited to the next meeting, contact the City’s Communication and Public Relations Specialist at [email protected].

Happy Valley Police deputies regularly visit schools. Depending on the grade level and topic to be discussed, deputies can cater their presentations accordingly. These efforts help the Happy Valley Police Department extend beyond the traditional role of law enforcement by engaging directly with students in an educational environment. These visits often serve as invaluable opportunities for deputies to share information about their duties, foster a better understanding of their role in the city, and address any questions students may have. By establishing this direct and approachable connection, Happy Valley Police aim to breed familiarity between students and law enforcement, breaking down potential barriers and fostering positive relationships. This proactive engagement not only enhances safety awareness, but also contributes to building a sense of trust and community, reinforcing the notion that deputies are approachable figures committed to the well-being of the students and the entire Happy Valley community. If you are a teacher or educational administrator in Happy Valley and would like to arrange a visit by a Happy Valley Police deputy to your school or classroom, contact the City’s Director of Public Safety at [email protected] to learn more.