Working together
In partnership with Happy Valley Elementary’s PTO, the City has made a concerted effort to promote safety when it comes to school zones. Highlighting the school’s annual safety campaign, the City and Happy Valley Police have joined forces to further encourage both drivers and pedestrians to take an active role in establishing safe habits and routines when using the roads. With a focus on crosswalk safety, efforts on behalf of the City also extend to sharing information related to the effects of distracted driving and speed, as well as tips and best practices when it comes to parking lot safety, and visibility. By partnering together, the hope is to generate valuable conversations amongst community members that ultimately decrease accidents and injuries and ensure healthy and safe behaviors.

In the news
In April 2022’s issue of HV News, the City’s community writer shed light on a group effort aimed at creating increased safety for students walking to school.

Keeping kids out of harm’s way: Happy Valley Elementary School’s PTO tackles traffic safety


The Happy Valley Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization saw a problem — too many cars and too much chaos getting students to and from school.

Safety was a big concern, especially after a student was hit by a car in the crosswalk. The PTO banded together, listened to parents and, with the help of the city of Happy Valley, worked to solve it.

“We had a meeting set already to talk about the Fun Run event in the spring. The week before we met is when the student was hit by the car. As parents who were involved with the school, we knew it was a nightmare … and we reached out to the city to see if we could do something together about the situation,” PTO co-President Tawna Thomas said. “Steve Campbell, our connection, loved it, and that’s how our collaboration started.”

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Safety first, always
The Happy Valley Police Department has been making school zone safety a priority with increased patrols during peak traffic times – namely school drop off and pickup. Traffic flow is understandably impeded during these times, as is parking and general safety concerns related to visibility as students, parents, teachers, and drivers are coming and going in mass numbers. The City’s Public Safety Team, Engineering Department, and Public Works staff have dedicated many hours performing onsite evaluations and mitigating safety concerns. The Happy Valley Police Department has ultimately been a key player in helping the City, school staff, and residents attempt to problem-solve issues, and has worked in tandem with the City, including the City’s Traffic and Public Safety Committee, to partner with schools every step of the way.

In the spring, Happy Valley deputies often team up with staff from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon Safe Routes to School to carry out planned exercises that focus on drivers who fail to stop at a crosswalk when pedestrians are present. By expanding educational outreach, Happy Valley Police aim to help curb avoidable accidents and injuries, and call attention to the need to approach school zones with patience, caution, and the utmost reserve.

Putting social media to good use

Another way the City works alongside the Happy Valley PTO and Happy Valley Police Department is by augmenting educational outreach via social media. Through a series of graphics rooted in data and reminders, the City hopes to hammer home the seriousness of school zone safety through five tenants: crosswalks, distractions, speed, parking lots, and visibility. The content is careful to appeal to both drivers and pedestrians, who must ultimately work together to ensure safety for all.

Let’s Walk and Roll to School!
To bring even more awareness to this important subject, Happy Valley Parks and Recreation typically joins PTO initiative efforts by co-hosting an event that celebrates safe routes to school. Efforts focus on encouraging students and parents of Happy Valley Elementary and Happy Valley Middle School to ditch the car, truck, and SUV, and instead opt to walk or bike to class. The event includes an opportunity to pick up some fun giveaway items and refreshments all courtesy of Happy Valley Parks and Recreation. Of course, Happy Valley Police deputies are on hand to greet students as they enter the school buildings and will be providing some fun items at the event as well. Additional community partners that participate have included Clackamas Fire District #1, Oregon Safe Routes to School, and several local businesses.

Partnering with Schools
The City and Happy Valley Police are proud to partner in the efforts of Happy Valley PTO to bring awareness to the importance of school zone safety. Their hope is to support the grassroots efforts of this community ally and help extend the communications reach of their cause. Is your school’s PTO/PTA/Parent Council interested in creating a school safety zone event? Have your representative connect with Steve Campbell, the City of Happy Valley’s Director of Public Safety at 503-783-3800.

Want more information?
Check out these other helpful resources aimed at increasing safety on the road.

Oregon Impact: www.oregonimpact.org

Provides educational experiences to end impaired and distracted driving. Oregon Impact also provides programs to ensure that our children are riding safely on our roadways, teens understand the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, and the adults in their lives are given the tools to guide them.

Oregon Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School: www.oregonsaferoutes.org/walkroll

Information about different programs, resources, events, and funding opportunities.

Clackamas County Drive to Zero: www.clackamas.us/drivetozero

Building a safe driving culture that focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways

Clackamas County Safe Routes to School: www.clackamas.us/engineering/srts.html

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National Center for Safe Routes to School: www.saferoutesinfo.org
This is a great resource for training opportunities and program materials. It also houses tools for collecting data and can generate automatic reports.

The Street Trust: www.thestreettrust.org

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