A Message from the Mayor

Mayor’s Message – Superblock Sidewalk

As many of you have seen, the City has been working to fill sidewalk gaps near Happy Valley Park. Ever since I was elected Mayor, this has been one of my top priorities. It’s also a shared goal of the entire City Council.

Last year, we broke ground on Phase 1 of the project. That phase of the project focused on smaller gaps along Ridgecrest Road and 132nd Ave. In addition, the City installed mid-block crossings on King Road next to the schools and on 145th Ave to connect neighborhoods.

Just last month, I was joined by many of my fellow City Councilors to begin Phase 2. The most recent construction that started this December will complete sidewalk section on the south side of King Road, on the east side of 132nd Avenue, and on the south side of Ridgecrest Rd.

Providing better connections between neighborhoods, schools, and Happy Valley Park is important for livability and safety. The City Council and I have observed residents walking in the street to get to Summer Concerts and we’ve heard the concerns from residents about this at City Council Meetings. To that end, we directed our staff to coordinate plans and engineering designs to fill these critical sidewalk gaps.

As you might imagine, some sections of missing sidewalk are easier to complete than others. Often, completing sidewalk gaps is more complicated because it requires the movement of power lines, improvements to the storm drainage system, and minor road work. To get as much of the project completed as soon as possible, we have been completing this project in phases.

There are still a few remaining sections that will require more coordination with adjacent property owners and utility companies. The remaining sections will be completed in a future phase over the next year. In the meantime, I hope everyone in Happy Valley can come enjoy a nice safe walk around the superblock soon!

Mayor Ellis