A Message from the Mayor

2021 Reflections & 2022 Excitement

Mayor Tom Ellis

January brings a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to new beginnings.

With the support of City Council, community volunteers, and dedicated staff members, the City has continued to find ways to improve livability and create the groundwork for future happenings.  In the past year, the City successfully carried out a variety of projects that are worthy of highlighting. These activities include:

  • Developed plans for a future downtown
  • Acquired property for new parks
  • Completed the Veterans Memorial Park
  • Established a Community Center Steering Committee
  • Began designs for an expansion to the library
  • Improved public safety by transitioning and expanding Code Enforcement to Community Service Officer Program
  • Engaged property owners and community members to manage growth in the Pleasant Valley / North Carver area to align future development with our sense of community
  • Expanded parks and recreation programs
  • Completed numerous transportation improvements, including sidewalk improvements around the Superblock and on 129th Avenue
  • Approved a resident-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan

This list represents just some of the work the City has undertaken this past year despite challenges related to the pandemic and an ever-changing economic landscape. The staff at City Hall, Public Works, and the Library have all demonstrated the ability to pivot, adapt, and move forward in innovative ways, creating a new normal that continues to remain steadfast to our high customer service standards and commitment to residents. I can attest that our City team is passionate about what they do and that they enjoy helping those they serve.

I am committed to working with City Council to continue our efforts in the new year. Together, we are excited to keep the momentum going when it comes to tasks and events in the works. First and foremost, I’m hopeful we’ll be able to have more community events in 2022 where we can enjoy good food, music, and each other. We have exciting upgrades to existing parks and entirely new parks coming soon. New recreation programs are also on the horizon. Despite supply chain challenges, the City is finalizing construction of sidewalk and roadway improvements on 129th Ave and the Superblock. Plans for the library expansion and future community center will finally come to fruition.

As we continue many of these exciting projects, I am committed to working with residents. Residents provide a wealth of ideas and perspective and working in collaboration with the community is a major priority for me and the Council as this year moves forward.

As I look ahead, it’s my hope for all residents, that 2022 is ultimately filled with opportunity and joy, and that we will celebrate ALL our beloved City traditions together in this beautiful city.


-Mayor Tom Ellis

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