A Message from the Mayor

Mayor’s Message: Thank You Firefighters and First Responders

The days and weeks following the devastating wildfires in Oregon were a challenging time for all of us. Like so many of you, I knew people who had to evacuate and some who lost their homes. We even had a couple of small fires start in Happy Valley that were extinguished before they threatened any homes. Just to make matters even worse, we were confronted with the worst air quality in the world for days on end.

Most of us in Happy Valley were the lucky ones though. That’s because of the tremendous efforts by our firefighters and first responders. To them, I say thank you for working in very difficult and stressful conditions to protect lives and property. Your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Throughout the fires, several city employees once again took on additional duties and served on our emergency management team. While the large fires stayed several miles away, our team was working around the clock to make sure we were prepared. We also volunteered a few people from our organization to assist residents in Molalla and Estacada to evacuate safely. Not only did those communities need our help, but it was also a good training opportunity for our staff members.

As tragic as these events were, I was encouraged to see so many in our community lend a hand. Whether it was serving hot meals to those who had been evacuated or raising and donating money to those who lost homes, those actions speak louder than words.

Again, I just want to thank all our firefighters and first responders. Your bravery and service are admirable.

Mayor Ellis