A Message from the Mayor

Mayor’s Message – Award Winning Budget Season

One of the most important tasks we have as the Mayor and City Council is ensuring your tax dollars are well spent. Of your property tax dollars, only 4% comes to the City for general operations. With additional voter approval, another 8% goes towards Public Safety and 3% goes towards Parks and Recreation. The other 85% of your tax bill goes to other service providers such as the North Clackamas School District, Clackamas Fire, Clackamas County, and more. As a City Council, all we control are the tax dollars the City receives.

Just this last month, we had our annual Budget Committee meeting to discuss how city tax dollars and other revenues are spent. Like many cities, the Happy Valley Municipal Code follows Oregon State Law by requiring an annual budget to be balanced and adopted by the City Council no later than the end of June. Getting to this point involves a review of prior trends, projections for the future, and analysis. Most importantly, it involves input and approval from the Budget Committee which includes five local residents and the City Council members.

With careful spending, the City has been able to have a positive financial outlook despite some of the global challenges of the past two years. The budget we approved allows us to continue funding the services that you have come to expect such as street sweeping, maintenance of public areas, code enforcement, land use planning, economic development, and community events.

Looking ahead, the City is saving funds to help support major roadway and sidewalk improvements, park expansions, land acquisitions for a future downtown, and a potential community center. All of these significant projects will take many years to implement and diligent financial planning.

Thank you to the Budget Committee, my fellow City Council members, and our dedicated staff for ensuring we spend local resources wisely and in a manner that advances our community priorities.