A Special 9/11 Message from the Mayor

A special message from the Mayor

New York City’s Tribute in Light serves as a powerful reminder of the events that transpired on Sept. 11, 2001 and celebrates the unbreakable spirit of the American people.

Many in our community have a very personal recollection of that moment when our country was attacked. So much so that most of us likely remember exactly where we were that September day in 2001. Each year, we honor the

2,977 people lost on Sept. 11 and recognize the brave first responders who risked their lives despite the tremendous danger before them. There are simply no words to truly express the extent to what our nation experienced.

In the nearly 20 years since that fateful day, one thing is certain. America is resilient and still stands as a beacon of hope. We are reminded of the immense courage and strength of our nation’s people, and our ability to put aside our differences. Please consider reflecting on this important day. Together, we will never forget.

-Mayor Tom Ellis