Council Corner

Council Corner – Veterans Memorial Sculpture

We are excited to announce that a new sculpture is coming to the Veterans Memorial Park next to City Hall. Over the last several months, a Veterans Memorial Task Force comprised of local veterans, Parks Advisory Committee members, and Public Art Committee members met to guide the selection of artwork. Approximately 50 artwork proposals were considered. Honoring feedback from the Task Force, the City Council selected an untitled eagle sculpture by Oregon City resident Robert “Travis” Pond.

Standing ten feet tall, the eagle will be made of repurposed steel from military surplus items, as well as other local scrap metal sources. The pieces will be recognizable individual parts of tools and machinery. When welded together, it will create a whole in a larger-than-life composition. The sculpture of the symbolic and revered Eagle in flight represents the pride, bravery, and courage needed to be a soldier and serve our country.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission. Two years ago, they awarded the City $75,000 to begin the first phase of the Veterans Memorial. That first step in Memorial brought our community a labyrinth to signify a “walk with veterans.” Surrounding the labyrinth are benches and lighted flags for each branch of military. Following the success of the first phase, Oregon Parks and Recreation stepped up once again to provide $58,000 for a permanent veteran themed sculpture.

Our hope is that with the addition of this sculpture, the Veterans Memorial will be an even more integral landmark in Happy Valley, ensuring that veterans in our community are honored and remembered. Thank you to the local veterans, Parks Advisory Committee, and Public Art Committee for developing the vision for the Veterans Memorial and selecting this wonderful new sculpture.

The sculpture will soon commence construction and is expected to be installed in Winter 2023/24.