Council Corner

Council Corner

Filling the space: Help us bring new furnishings, art to Library expansion

The transformation of the Happy Valley Library’s expansion is well underway, with the new space rapidly taking shape. As the project nears completion later this year, we’re calling upon your support to help us take this space to new heights.

In solidarity with the City and Happy Valley Library, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of our beloved library by helping us raise an additional $150,000 to furnish the new community spaces and bring beautiful, curated art to its walls. Your investment will do more than decorate the new space – it will foster an inclusive environment where ideas can flourish, conversations can ignite, and creativity will thrive. Ultimately, your investment will help make this new space a place for everyone to enjoy as it will reflect the contributions of our community.

Staff have meticulously selected furnishings that balance durability with versatility, ensuring a space that can adapt to the evolving needs of our patrons for years to come. Moreover, we’re proud to collaborate with local artist Sophie Franz, whose beautiful murals currently grace the walls of the original library space. Sophie will be incorporating a similar artistic style to anchor the new areas, infusing them with the same warmth and appeal that we’ve come to love.

We recognize the profound impact of community engagement and want to invite you to be part of our community’s story as we help bring these final touches to fruition. Your support will not only enhance the new library’s expansion but will also cultivate a sense of belonging and shared identity among us all.

For those who generously donate to this initiative, the City and Happy Valley Library will ensure your contribution is recognized as we believe it important to showcase the collective support it will take to make this possible. To this end, your gift will be celebrated as part of the Happy Valley Library’s legacy.

Together, let’s all pitch in and make this newest addition to our City something truly special.

For all the details about this campaign and to make a tax-deductible gift, please head to www.happyvalleyor.gov/library-expansion.