Council Corner

Council Corner: Community center feasibility study takes shape

Several months ago, hundreds of residents completed a survey providing the City Council with feedback on a future community center. As elect leaders, input we receive on projects as big as this is critical.

The survey was only one of the many tools the City is using to collect feedback. Over the course of the next few months, our team will be holding several focus groups with leaders throughout the community. This includes gathering feedback from all residents who serve on city committees, are involved in local HOAs, lead sports organizations, etc. In addition, we will engage the business community and local gym owners to make sure a future community center complements services already provided in town.

Following the focus group discussions, the City is in the process of establishing a limited duration steering committee to review all the input we receive from residents and make a recommendation to the City Council.

Among the uses and features the City is considering for a community center include:

  • Sport courts including staples such as basketball, but also pickleball and more
  • Social spaces such as a senior center, teen center, café and party rooms
  • Enrichment spaces for classes and practice in arts, crafts, cooking and more
  • Fitness facilities such as weights, cardio equipment and an indoor track for walking and jogging
  • Pools and spas including lap pools, water slides, hot tubs and the like
  • Services such as a library annex or computer center

We look forward to reviewing all the input we receive from residents. If you missed the opportunity to provide feedback in the survey and you want to get involved, contact Ben Bryant, Assistant City Manager at benb@happyvalleyor.gov or 503-783-3840.

To stay informed as things progress, sign up for email updates at www.happyvalleyor.gov/receive-park-updates/.

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