Council Corner

Council Corner
Partnering with the leaders of tomorrow


The City Council and the Happy Valley Youth Council are joining forces in a collaborative effort to address the impact of flavored tobacco products being targeted to youth. At the Feb.6 City Council meeting, we formally added our support to a resolution created by the Youth Council to encourage the State Legislature to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco. This partnership underscores the dedication of both councils to safeguard the well-being of Happy Valley’s younger population and stems from the Youth Council’s impassioned drive to raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. This effort also joins similar actions taken by numerous neighboring cities.

Happy Valley’s Youth Council has consistently demonstrated a commitment to advocating for the health and safety of community youth. Recognizing the issue of flavored tobacco marketing targeting the youth demographic, the Youth Council has taken the initiative to shed light on the associated health risks and work towards keeping these products out of the hands of impressionable teenagers.

The collaboration between the City Council and the Youth Council is a testament to the City’s commitment to bring the youth voice to the forefront. By joining forces, we hope to amplify the Youth Council’s efforts and impact.

One of the driving forces behind this joint effort is the Youth Council’s recognition of the link between substance abuse and mental health challenges faced by their peers. By addressing the root causes of these issues and fostering an environment that promotes healthy coping mechanisms, they are striving to create a more resilient youth population.

We believe our collaboration with the Youth Council is a proactive step towards building a community that prioritizes the health and well-being of our City’s youth. By working together, we are not only raising awareness about the dangers of flavored tobacco but also fostering an environment where Happy Valley’s young leaders actively contribute to the development of policies that protect the health of future generations.

We look forward to seeing the Youth Council continue in their advocacy.

City Council posed for a photo with members of the Youth Council at the Feb. 6 general meeting where they supported a resolution encouraging the State Legislature to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco. Also pictured: Jamie Zentner (third from left) and Marc Czornij (third from right) from Clackamas County Health and Jamie Dunphy (right) from the American Cancer Society.