Community Center Feasibility Study

For over a decade, residents of Happy Valley have asked for a community center. A place to work out, take classes, gather with friends, and maybe even swim. Following the City’s withdrawal from NCPRD, completing a community center feasibility was identified as one of the City Council’s top priorities. In 2021, the City hired a consultant team to assist with the evaluation of a potential community center. This has included community surveys, focus group meetings with key stakeholders, a market analysis, and more.

Currently, the City has convened a Steering Committee made up of residents active in the community. The committee will meet multiple times to advise the City on the size of the center and the types of amenities that should be included.

Among the uses and features the City is considering for a community center include:

  • Sport courts including staples such as basketball, but also pickleball and more
  • Social spaces such as a senior center, teen center, café and party rooms
  • Enrichment spaces for classes and practice in arts, crafts, cooking and more
  • Fitness facilities such as weights, cardio equipment and an indoor track for walking and jogging
  • Pools and spas including lap pools, water slides, hot tubs and the like
  • Services such as a library annex or computer center

Meetings (virtual)

October 25, 2021
5:30 PM

“Members of the City Council possibly constituting a quorum may attend the Community Center Steering Committee. The Council will not deliberate towards nor make a decision”.


Ben Bryant, Assistant City Manager
benb@happyvalleyor.gov or 503-783-3840

Chris Randall, Public Works Director
chrisr@happyvalleyor.gov or 503-783-3842

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Steering Committee Members

Ana Sarish

Al Matecko

Diane Morrow

Mark Aasland

Janice Kiser

Erin Bell

Jen Anderson

Doris (Dee) Bedsole

Mardi Wing

Josh Callahan

LizBeth Hale

Blanca Johnson

Minh Matthews

Kerri Mozena

Ken Ballard

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