Properly retire your American flag at City Hall

American flags that have been displayed at your home or business can become faded, worn, or torn over the seasons and years. When this occurs, the American flag should be retired respectfully in accordance with a traditional ceremony. As a service to the community, the City of Happy Valley is proud to partner with local Troop 611 to offer you an opportunity to drop off American flags that are ready for retirement for this very purpose.  When your American flags are no longer worthy of display, simply bring them to City Hall and the Scouts will ensure your flag is disposed of in a proper, traditional ceremony.

Those interested in utilizing this service are encouraged to properly fold their American flag prior to bringing it in. Please check out the links for some helpful instructions on how to do this. If you need assistance, a representative at City Hall would be glad to help ensure the completion of this step.

How to fold the American flag.